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The Health Risks of Your Child’s Favorite Toys

Children’s toys are becoming more and more advanced with each passing day. Because of this factor, the potential health risks that these seemingly harmless toys bring along need to be discussed, both for your child’s safety, but also for your own.

Throughout history, a pattern has been observed in regards to the types of children’s toys that cause the most harm – electrical, projectile-based, and outdoor-based toys. Let us take a closer look at these products and see how we can protect our children from the imminent health hazards that they bring:

Electrical Toys

Toys on the US market need to adhere to a strict set of health and safety manufacturing guidelines imposed by the CPSC before they are marketed for sale and mass-production. Electrical toys, however, have been notorious in failing to respect said guidelines for years on end.

The Easy-Bake Oven

A well-known example of this manufacturer’s negligence is the case of the Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven, which had to be recalled twice in 2007 because of its extremely hazardous nature.

Several children suffered burns on their fingers because they had been caught in the appliance’s oven-window, with a case of amputation also being reported. Hasbro has released a newer, allegedly safer, version of the product since then, but the fire-hazard is still a great concern to parents across the country.

The Hoverboard

In more recent years, the popularization of the Hoverboard has also caught the attention of health and safety specialists.

If left to over-charge, the product would overheat and combust, causing major injuries, irreparable damage to the house, or even death.

Projectile-based Toys

Children, especially those who have yet to reach the age of three, are exposed to a vast number of choking hazards on a daily basis.

It is because of this that guns, crossbows, darts, or any other toy that can shoot or launch a projectile, present an immense risk for your child. And toy manufacturers have to be aware of that.


NERF guns are a stark example of that.

Beyond the fact that their polyester darts can be ingested, which would lead your child directly from your backyard to the ER, they also pose significant risks in regards to eye injuries, as shown by previous child safety data.

Fidget Spinners

Another unconventional example would be the notorious fidget spinner of years past.

While its spinning lead projectiles would usually be kept inside the spinning wheel, children have been shown to remove the metallic wheels with great ease and ingest the harmful material. This occurred in both branded and knock-off models, so it could not have been attributed to low-quality material claims.

Outdoor Toys

Some of the greatest injuries can occur in the outdoors, even without the addition of a children’s toy. Ranging from spinal trauma to complete paralysis, outdoor toys have caused countless injuries throughout the years.


Trampolines, a children’s favorite in summertime activities, cause approximately 100,000 ER visits per year.

They have been most often been associated with blunt-force trauma accidents, such as concussions or broken bones, and in some unfortunate cases, even death.

Slip N’ Slides

Slip N’ Slides, another summertime favorite, pose an even greater danger to adults than they do to the younger generations.

Due to the added weight and body length, the impact of an accidental slip and crash could result in permanent spinal cord injury. This is the prime reason as to why Slip N’ Slides have had such a strained history with the CPSC.

Preventing Further Damage

Now that we have established the many health risks of the toys that are available on the consumer market, it is time to consider your options if your child has been victimized by any of the aforementioned products.

From a consumer standpoint, it is advisable to undergo extensive research on your toy’s manufacturer and their previous history in adhering to CPSC guidelines, before committing to purchasing any of their products.

From a lawful point of view, you are entitled to receive legal help if injured by a product, and a specialized lawyer can give you the necessary counsel and advice that you require to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Through this preventive due diligence, you will have assured yourself that no other damages will come to your child and that justice has been earned for the collateral damage that your family suffered from because of professional negligence.


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