Keeping your kiddos entertained can sometimes prove to be a challenge, and during this unique time, it can be harder than ever coming up with fun games and boredom busters to keep your little ones happy and occupied. Looking for some fresh ideas of fun things to do together? Check out some of our favorite family activities to take advantage of during quarantine!

Make Quarantine Fun

We understand that it can be tough to come up with fresh ways to keep your kids entertained and happy during this challenging time. Schedule some time for these fun activities and make some lasting memories together! Play Magic Cards or similar games with them to keep everyone entertained.

Allow Children to Play in Backyard:

Encouraging children to spend more time outdoors is undoubtedly beneficial in early childhood development. It can help children to keep away from technology and improve their motor skills and aids their physical well-being. Having a playhouse in your backyard could naturally promote all of these health benefits for your child who may not get outside enough. A playhouse opens up the opportunities for children to get outside to enjoy fresh air, Vitamin D, and extra physical exercise that they might not get while playing inside the house.

Bake a Treat

Nothing helps a child feel more grown up and helpful than lending a hand in the kitchen. Look for a simple recipe that they can help you throw together, tie an apron around their waist, and get started on something yummy together! Whether you’re relying on your trusty chocolate chip cookie recipe or you’re venturing out and trying something new for dinner, let your child help you make the magic happen. Whether they’re measuring things and pouring them in or you’re helping them stir the batter, this is sure to help them feel extra special. Once you have finished baking, you can look for the best upcoming new horror movies or the genre that your children love, and enjoy the treat with your whole family while watching it.

Build a Fort

What’s more classic than building a fort together on an uneventful afternoon? Gather together all of your blankets, pillows, and cushions and get to work on building the ultimate blanket fort. Major plus if you also have some bar stools and kitchen chairs you can incorporate! Once your fort is built, gather some books and toys to help pass the time. You might even consider bringing in a laptop or tablet and letting them watch a movie in their new hideout.

Kid Workout/Yoga

Help your little ones get their wiggles out by doing a kid workout together! There are plenty of resources available online, a quick search is sure to bring up some good options for you. You might also consider doing some kid yoga together to help them calm down when they’re riled up. Have a baby in tow? Put them in their baby carrier while you do your workout with the older kids. Not only will this keep them cozy and comfortable, but it will make it a better workout for you, so it’s a win-win!

Plant a Garden

There’s a certain level of pride that comes with nurturing something and helping it grow. If you have the space, planting a garden with your kids is a great way to give them something to take care of over a long period of time. Choose some seeds together and gather all of the supplies needed for a successful garden. Whether you’re wanting a cute flower bed, an herb garden, or you’re planting vegetables, this a great ongoing project to keep your kids involved and motivated. If the weather conditions are harsh at the moment and won’t allow you to garden outdoors, consider getting a 3×3 from primal or other providers that enables you grow plants inside the house. Temperature and light regulation also become easier with the use of indoor grow tents.

Camping Indoors

Pull out your camping gear and set up camp in the family room! You might be staying home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fun experience for your little ones. Set up your tent, unroll the sleeping bags, and plan a menu of classic campfire foods. You might consider prepping some tin foil dinners for everyone to enjoy, or turn to the classic hot dog and smores menu. Make shadow puppets on the walls of your tent and tell stories together before going to bed. They’re sure to have a blast!