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Getting Counsuling Is More Popular Then You May Think

Have you ever thought about talking to a counselor?

Have you thought that its ‘weird’ or ‘not normal’?

You may be surprised to here that nearly half of American households have had someone seek mental health treatment this year.

Here are some reasons people are seeking counseling



Stress is a normal feeling that everyone has felt at one point or another. Many situations and emotions can lead to a person feeling stressed.  Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. We all know that every day we are put in positions where we feel this stress. Maybe you are now working from home or having to help your children with online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the physical results of stress are sleep disruptions, worsening of chronic health problems, or increased use of alcohol. All of these are valid reasons to seek counseling.



Through anger therapy we can learn to help ourselves stay calm and handle tense situations.  These skills can help us avoid anger suppression, which can lead to hypertension, depression, and anxiety. You may learn anger management skills on your own, using books or other resources. But for many people talking to a mental health professional by phone is the most effective approach.

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We all have many types of relationships throughout our lives. We interact with our bosses, family, friends, neighbors and strangers and so many others. Many times spouses feel a strain or bumps in their marriage.  You may feel angry at work due to your colleges or bosses.Families have huge dynamics. We all have so many varieties of relationships. In relationships we can have a lack of communication which causes stress or resentment. Blended families can have a new dynamic and they all have to learn a new way of living together. Digital issues are a huge side of relationships. With the digital age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting and we engage with people who we may not typically interact with. Or you may feel like everything is a competition, that you aren’t successful or as happy a others. You are not alone. By seeking a counselor you can talk about these things and help improve yourself and your self esteem.


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Self Esteem

We all have an internal analog of our thoughts. We easily compare ourselves to others, even the people most close to us.  We may not feel as successful as others, or smart enough. In a classroom setting you may feel less than your fellow students when they all seem to know all the correct answers and you don’t. When you see an old school buddy and their beautiful family going on vacations with the pictures they share on their social accounts, you may start to compare your lives.  We have to remember that we all have different strengths and lifestyles.


In conclusion, we need to remember we have value and are worthy. Worthy of love, support and acceptance. If you are struggling with these thoughts and feelings they are valued reasons to reach out to a councilor.


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