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Family Dining – Why Is It Important?

A shared meal is so much more enjoyable than eating alone. It is a time for the family to come together, switch off all those electronic distractions and talk to each other and more importantly listen to each other.


Teach Your Kids Valuable Life Skills


For young children it is the perfect way to learn table manners and socialising as the adult is able to model acceptable behaviour. The dining table is the ideal place for eye contact when speaking, as everyone is at the same level. This in turn results in better hearing and understanding as everyone can observe those ever so important social cues such as facial expression and body language that can so easily be missed with so many other interruptions. Creating this type of atmosphere makes us feel valued, builds a culture of respect within the group and develops our self esteem.


Encourage Kids To Try New Dishes


Picky eaters can be better encouraged to try something new if it is put on the table for them to help themselves to, rather than it being served up on their plate. We all feel better if we believe we have been given a choice. You could also consider getting the family involved in the weekly meal plan allowing some negotiation over encouraging all to try new foods.


Simple Tasks To Promote Team Building


Family meal times can also promote teamwork. Everyone can have a job to get the room ready, from setting the table, to pouring drinks. Some great maths opportunities are there right under our noses even for the very young. Can they work out how many cups are needed on the table?


Surprising Benefits You May Not Have Thought Of Before


Research shows family meals help prevent obesity. People tend to eat less as they eat more slowly as they are talking more.


Family dinners are a great way to build your child’s self-esteem, by listening to what they have to say, with no distractions, this shows them that you value their thoughts and opinions.


The examples above are just a few of the benefits of family dining. Consider what it is you want to gain from this fantastic opportunity for the family to come together, the choice most definitely is yours.


Invest In A Dining Table That Works For You


Before starting these beneficial family dinners, you need a dining room that encourages you to have more family meals. A nice table to sit around, and comfy chairs that are comfortable enough for you not to think twice about remaining in your seat for another drink or dessert. You might also want to consider getting a kitchen table cloth or two, so that you can cover the dining table when placing the food on it. This way, you need not worry about spilling food or drink and damaging the table. Besides, a table cloth can be a stylish piece of decor, and add a touch of color to mealtime.


Think of your dining table as the centrepiece, and everything else can be built around it. A circle dining table can allow you and your family to communicate better by easily being able to face one and another. Finding an easy to clean, family suitable tulip dining table doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, with so many options to choose from, finding your perfect dining table has never been so easy.


You can embrace an eclectic look to your dining room by changing styles of your dining table and chairs, the importance is that you are happy and comfortable to spend time there.


A regular family dinner has so many benefits, it’s hard to turn down when you hear all the good that can be achieved.


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