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Tips On Avoiding A Hangover

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Getting a hangover is enough to make you not want to drink anything alcoholic ever again. You feel nauseous all day, you can barely keep food down and you may be experience the worst headache of your life. You might be thinking this is the price to pay when you had too many drinks on a girl’s night, but there are some ways that can prevent you from getting a hangover that are also backed by science. Self-care includes curing hangovers. Here are the best hangover cures wherever you are local, and if they do not cure your hangover, these tips will at least make the one you have less intense.

Avoid Congeners-High Drinks Like The Plague

You want to avoid drinks with whiskey, cognac and tequila in them. Instead go for drinks like vodka, gin and rum as they have low levels of congeners. Congeners, a by-product of when sugar-fermenting yeast produces alcohol, are toxic chemicals. If you drink an alcoholic beverage with high levels of congeners, you will likely have an intense hangover more often. Studies have shown that the common congener methanol is strongly linked to hangover symptoms we are all too familiar with.

Drink The Morning After

This sounds counterintuitive, but when you drink the morning after having one too many drinks you could be preventing the process that is responsible for hangovers. This is because your body converts methanol into formaldehyde after your drink. Formaldehyde is known to be partly responsible for your hangover symptoms. Therefore drinking the morning after can prevent the formaldehyde process from forming in your body. Your body will automatically rid itself of the methanol through your breath and urine instead.

It is important to note that though you may be preventing the onset of a hangover as soon as you wake up, you may still feel the effects of it later in the day. Also, keep in mind that drinking in the morning is commonly paired with alcohol dependency.

Water, Water, And More Water

In between drinks make sure you are having a glass of water in between each drink. Before going to bed, it is also recommended that you have a drink of water from a large glass right before you go to bed. Water is the best way to avoid a hangover. When you drink alcohol, especially large quantities, you make yourself dehydrated. That is because alcohol is a diuretic, which means it cause you pee more often, therefore, dehydrating you. Dehydration aids in some hangover symptoms like thirst, headache, fatigue and dry mouth.

Eat Something With Some Substance

Make sure you eat a nutrient-rich breakfast after a night of drinking. Doing so can keep your blood sugar at normal levels. One of the most common symptoms associated with hangovers is hypoglycemia. To be clear this is not a cause of hangovers, but this condition which is connected to low blood sugar levels can cause weakness and headache. Both of these are common symptoms when you are experiencing a hangover.

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