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Online Schooling Got You Thinking About Online Counseling?

The school year will be looking a lot different this year. Whether you have a child in kindergarten or are in college you are likley going to be affected by the Covid 19 pandemics effect on schooling. There is much uncertainty or clear direction for this years students. Most schools are starting the school year online. An entirely new ballgame for students and paretns alike.

Types of Students Who Will Be Taught Online

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Elementary Students

The first years of schooling have a lasting effect on a child’s development. A child learns so much more than just their ABC’s and 123’s while in school. Kids learn how to act successfully in society. How to wait your turn. How to walk calmly around the class and halls. How to be responsible for their books and pencils. How to speak to teachers and their peers. When you are in a room with your peers you learn social skills and norms that you can only learn by being with other people. Many parents are concerned about the lasting affects of the online learning for their children. Have you considered how you and your family will combat these issues?

High School Students

When kids are in High School they are developing into their adult nature. How to truly be responsible for their well-belling, their learning and their social nature. This is a time of growth, experimentation and noticing how their peers are maturing. They build off each other and learn how important it is to listen to the authorities placed in their life and how to help each other when things get hard. When you are in high school a lot of your time is based on relationships. Whether it is young love or simply friendship, they learn about themselves and society at large.

The stress of learning more difficult subjects, considering continuing higher education, moving out of their parents’ home, and so many other topics probably have high schoolers more stressed than ever. Some of these issues can be easily sorted; for instance, kids moving out for higher education can hire assistance similar to Miracle Movers Durham (or elsewhere) to move their belongings and explore realtors to get a place near the university, or ask their parents for help. However, they may need extra attention and support from friends and family to deal with mental stress and anxiety.

If you notice a high schooler or any student who seems not to be doing well remember to reach out. They probably need to talk to someone but are not confident in reaching out for help on their own. Talk to them about using online counseling. It’s affordable, easy, and convenient.

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College Students

Deciding to move on into the choice of higher education is a huge lifestyle change. Typically students are no longer in their parents homes. They are in dorms, apartments or other temporary housing. This freedom can be thrilling and scary simultaneously. They are adults making their own choices and living how they choose. They are learning how to fully care for themselves academically, physically and mentally. If they are now doing this but all online they probably free so many emotions, emotions like angry, resentment, lack of care or even depression. These students were prepared to move on to real adulthood in college. College students have been raised using technology so they know the benefits that this technology provides. If you are dealing with this type of situation and need to reach out for help, just remember how useful online e-counseling tools can be.

In conclusion, just be honest with yourself. Are struggling? Do you see a loved one struggling? Don’t ever feel bad in expressing your concerns and asking for help.

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