When it comes to newborn must-haves, having the best stroller type for your needs is an absolute must. Ensuring that you’re equipped with the best kind of stroller can make a world of difference- do your research and know the different stroller types to know how to choose the best one to meet your needs and keep your newborn safe and comfortable on the go!

Consider Your Budget

Strollers have a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices. Before jumping into all of your options, take some time to consider what your budget is. A stroller can potentially be a major purchase for you and for little one, ranging in price from roughly $30 up to over $700, and is totally deserving of the time it will take to decide how much you are willing and able to spend.

Consider It’s Use

Answering a few simple questions will give you a great sense of direction in your search for the perfect stroller. Will you be frequently traveling with your stroller? Do you plan to exercise with it? How many children do you need to transport using the stroller? Who will primarily be using the stroller? Do you want something that is specifically for the newborn stage, or do you want something that transitions with your child?

Know Your Stroller Types

Once you’ve determined your price and how the stroller will be used, take some time to research different stroller types and what would fit best with both your needs and your newborn. Lightweight strollers are wonderful for travel, but are not preferred for a newborn baby- it would be better to go with a car seat carrier or a standard stroller. Jogging strollers are preferred for exercise, and there are plenty of options for double and triple strollers. Consider what stroller type would work best for you. These strollers from Ergobaby are a fantastic option!


I get it- prepping for a new baby can feel overwhelming at times. Make the process of choosing a new stroller fun by doing your research and finding the type and style of stroller that will work best for you and meet all of your needs, as well as baby’s needs. Happy shopping and congratulations on your bundle of joy!