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How to Care for Opal Jewelry



Unlike any other precious gems, opal jewelry represents a remarkable nature’s masterpiece. Opal gems are purposely one-of-a-kind stones because of their amorphous character, thus their specific outlook is so unique to the world. Caring for this specific mineraloid is extremely vital since with good care and proper maintenance opal gemstones can last a lifetime and can easily be handed over from generation to generation. Cherish and take care of your opal gemstone with these simple steps and you will have meticulously valued jewelry for eternity.



  • Caring and cleaning opal jewelry



Regardless of a specific jewelry item that you may have, caring for an opal gem requires patience and dedication. Never wear opal rings, bracelets, or necklaces when you are playing sport or doing some excessive outdoor work as you can damage the stone, or even knock it out. Solid opal rings found at MoonMagic have been a dazzling engagement option for many newlyweds, so it’s advisable to take off the engagement ring when you are doing some physical work not to get it caught on something. Cleaning opal jewelry is simple. Only use warm water and mild detergent and a toothbrush to clean the jewelry all around. Don’t use any harsh abrasives or chemicals. Don’t use water and don’t soak doublet and triplet opal gems, just wipe them softly with a damp cloth. 



  • Caring for solid opals



The name “solid” opal derives from being a stand-alone stone, which means that you have an individual precious stone consisting solely of opal material. Solid opal is a soft, naturally cut, and polished stone that should be taken care of with caution. The most important thing is to take off your solid opal jewelry whenever you are doing some manual labor like gardening or moving furniture as it can easily get scratched or broken. However, the most essential thing is that solid opal jewelry handles water perfectly, so there is no need to take your solid opal ring or pendant off when you are having a shower or a swim in the sea. Only make sure that you avoid extreme weather conditions as this mineral is prone to cracking on scorchingly high or freezingly low temperatures.



  • Caring for doublet and triplet opal gemstones



Unlike with solid opal jewelry, you should take off doublet and triplet opal gemstone jewelry whenever you are about to have contact with water. Doublet and triplet opal stones consist of different layers glued together, and if you soak them with water they might fall off. What is more, if water even slightly infiltrates a doublet or triplet opal stone, it will turn “foggy or greyish” and may even change its look. Of course, this won’t happen the very second you get caught up in rain or accidentally have a shower with your doublet opal ring. What might also affect the cement that holds the protective crystal cap of doublet or triplet opal gems is extremely hot or cold weather. Don’t wash or clean them with hot water and detergent, and avoid wearing them in sub-zero temperatures.



  • Storing your gems



If you want to prolong the lifespan of your opal jewelry, the best piece of advice is to store them nicely when you are not wearing them. Whenever you don’t desire to wear an opal ring or bracelet, just place it in a padded cloth bag or cushioned box for protection and store it away. To prevent water coming out of this unique mineral and drying out due to humidity reasons, put your opal jewelry in a cotton wool bag with a few drops of water, and your opal will last forever.


Inspect your jewelry meticulously and always take proper care of them according to the above-mentioned tips and you will keep them safe, shimmery, and gorgeous for years to come.

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