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6 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Kids




All children have different characters, and while your friend’s child might be non-stop talking, yours is simply quieter. It’s still important to make sure you build healthy interactions and improve communication in your family. Here are six tips on how to encourage your kids to open up and create more natural communication.


Don’t bombard them with questions


When your kids get home from school, greet them calmly and lovingly. Don’t bombard them with questions about their day, or concerns about their homework and being late. Instead, greet your children with joy and tell them how happy you are to see them. Welcome them back home and later on, when they’re more relaxed they’ll be more likely to confide in you about their day at school. 


Give them time to admit they’re wrong


When they’ve done something bad avoid scolding when your child begins to open up to you about it. Your children might try to avoid being reprimanded by lying. If you keep your cool and give them the space to confess, you will be able to develop more honest communication between you.


Be patient with discipline


Kids need to understand the consequences of their actions and not just be afraid of screaming and shouting. Building healthy communication can help you to get through to them. Discipline is one of the most difficult parts of being a parent, but with patience, you can build mutual trust and respect.


Be a good listener


It’s challenging to always manage to give your children your full attention. As a parent, you will inevitably be pulled in different directions, and pressures from work, home life, and other family responsibilities can be overwhelming. One thing you can do is try to prioritize when you’re at home together. Try not to get distracted by the TV or your cell phone and become a better listener.


Seek professional help


Perhaps a family session or child therapist would be a good idea if you’re really struggling with communication. A professional could help your child open up about any issues, and build strategies to work through these.


If you’re worried at all your child is going through a serious issue such as bullying or anxiety contact a counselor or virtual therapist. It’s important to recognize the signs and seek expert advice if you have any doubts or concerns. 


Spend quality time together


Daily and uninterrupted time together will help you form a much stronger bond. Prioritize your time together and make sure you make time for it, even though it’s a challenge with work constraints. Try to keep in mind your end goals. Painstakingly sitting through their favorite video games and be patient with their ups and downs will be worth it. They will really appreciate the time together. 


Next time you’re waiting for your child to finally communicate, be patient with them, and try these tactics. Parenting is challenging sometimes but you need to be the leader of the conversation and the grown-up. The results will be rewarding.


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