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Let’s Get The Party Started

Photo by Amponsah Nii Davidson from Pexels

Imagine you are six years old. You have been told you need to stay at home and don’t understand why. Now imagine it’s about to be your seventh birthday.

The pressure on our children during the pandemic is more significant than we may realize and birthdays are incredibly hard. Particularly if you are a family that usually celebrates with big parties, with a hell lot of guests, all kinds of stuff for kids entertainment Melbourne, or elsewhere and a houseful of other children. To them, certainly, birthdays are the most magical day of the year.

However, it is still possible to give your kid a day to remember, even during these situations. Think back to their last few birthdays. It doesn’t matter if you were at laser tag or having a picnic in Central Park. What were the moments your child talked about the most? Often we look at the bigger things first, but for children, it is ordinarily the magical moments that we have missed.

Holding a party in lockdown needs to tick some severe kid boxes. You need to start with invitations because all parties begin there! Sit down with your son or daughter a few days before their birthday and write up some invitations as you would usually do. You may only have four people in your family but make sure they all get an invite. You could even write an invitation for the cat or the dog. Perhaps even some of their special toys might like to attend. Make sure everyone remembers to RSVP.

Location of the party is essential. It doesn’t have to be indoors. You could hold a party in the garden. Of course, every great party ends with a sleepover. Why don’t you plan a camping trip in the garden, or even better, you could make an indoor camping trip. Using sheets and fairy lights, why not turn your living room into a super den and the whole family could sleep on the floor for one night!

Your party should have a theme, and it’s crucial everyone dresses up. Children love being able to choose their own outfits. As it is their party, why not let them choose what everyone wears. You could let your daughter do your makeup, or your son could insist you all come in dinosaur outfits.

Get decorating. This is something else that could start happening a few days before to really build excitement. Everyone should get involved. If you want to save money, you can get crafty and make all the decorations yourself. If you want to create a massive event, you can still buy most decoration items online.

Don’t forget that a party isn’t a party without music and party bags. You should also take care of the party food. Look for meals in fields catering County Durham or one near your event to make it a success. No guest should go hungry after all.

All in all, ensure that the event is fun. Take it in turns to be a DJ or have a sing-along Disney session – you can find karaoke on Youtube. Baking a cake is something special you can do together. You could arrange for all your children’s friends to be on a video conference call to sing happy birthday!

With a little bit of planning and thought, you can give your child a party they will remember forever.

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