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Teach Your Kids These Rules To Avoid Common Health Issues

You want your kids to grow up being as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, they don’t really know much about life at all. In fact, most of what they learn comes from listening to and following you. As such, they’re guilty of some bad habits that you probably used to be guilty of when you were little. Thankfully, you learned that these habits are bad, and you can teach your kids to steer clear of them. 


Keeping that in mind, here are a few rules to drill into your kids:

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Don’t sit too close to the TV

This is a classic one, but it’s so important. Sitting too close to the TV can cause all sorts of issues for your child that impact their life forever. Mainly, they can damage their eyesight forever. A lot of young children need permanent glasses because they have too much TV time and spend too long sitting close to the screen. Get them to move back to a safe distance to protect their eye health and keep their vision in check. Also, sitting too close can lead to hearing loss in young kids as they’re in close proximity to the loud speakers of the TV. 

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Don’t put cotton buds in your ears

So many children will see cotton buds lying around the bathroom and start using them however they like. Normally, this means putting them in their mouth, nose, or ears. It’s the latter of the three orifices that’s the real problem here. Kids may try and clean their ears using cotton buds, but this is dangerous. It can push wax deeper into the ear canal, and the buds themselves can poke the eardrum and cause all manner of issues. Some children have permanently damaged their ears by doing this, leading to them wearing hearing aids from a very young age. Plus, putting things in their ears can cause infections as well. Get them to stop doing this to protect their hearing health. 

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Brush your teeth every morning and night

It’s quite shameful that the majority of children in hospitals are there for dental reasons. Too many kids are having teeth extracted because they’ve become filled with cavities. The number of child fillings is on the rise as well – it’s a serious problem! Kids aren’t looking after their oral health, and this stems from not brushing their teeth every day. Force your children to brush their teeth in the morning, preferably 15-30 minutes after eating breakfast. Then, most importantly, make them brush in the evening right before bed. The evening brush is essential to ensure that any sugar or food particles are removed after a long day of eating. This keeps their mouths healthy, avoiding a host of oral health problems that can turn into general health problems. Be sure to also get your teeth troubles sorted at Boynton and go for regular check-ups.


Start teaching these rules to your children if you want them to remain healthier. Obviously, you’re in charge of other aspects of their health – like making sure they eat good foods and cut down on sugar. Still, these rules are ones that they can learn from a young age and stick to throughout life. 


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