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Noticing Common Orthopedic Conditions Early

Our bodies are finely tuned machines capable of doing some incredible things. At our most fundamental level – our musculoskeletal level – we’re held together by a network of muscle, tendons and joints and this is where the world of orthopedics exists. Let’s have a quick look at some of the common orthopedic conditions and how to notice them early on, so you can avoid exacerbating these injuries.

Treatment Basics for Orthopedic Conditions

Orthopedic conditions and treatments of orthopedic conditions will usually start with an x-ray or MRI to determine the extent of the damage or issue and inform your orthopedic doctor on how best to treat your specific condition. This might be as simple as rest, stretching and physical therapy, or bracing and strapping of the affected body part. It might also involve a surgical intervention to correct. 

Foot Pain

We spend a lot of time and put a lot of strain on our ankles and feet, so it’s no surprise that orthopedic conditions involving the foot are quite common. These might include physical injuries and conditions like fractures, sprains and strains that are caused by physically damaging your foot through sports, exercise, or accidents, but there are also more latent issues to be aware of. Arthritis, for example, can affect your feet just as it can your hands, and chronic inflammation problems like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis might also see you seeking the help of an orthopedic specialist. 

Back Pain

Your back quite literally supports your entire upper body and as such is also susceptible to strain and is a common complaint of pain in the body. Usually, back pain is associated with abnormalities, inflammation or damage to the tissues, nerves, discs or vertebrae that make up the spine. The list of specific injuries that might cause back pain is long and extensive and you can learn more at Yale Medicine to see what they entail. The most common include pinched or compressed nerves, bone spurs and inflamed or damaged discs. Back pain can be very limiting and depending on the severity usually requires medical intervention to return to a normal way of life. 

Hand and Wrist Pain

Another common area of complaint when it comes to our musculoskeletal system are the hands and wrists. The most common condition associated with the hands, particularly as we age, is arthritis, but it’s not the only orthopedic condition associated with our hands or wrists. Office workers and those who work long hours on a keyboard might suffer from conditions like repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, both of which are serious disorders that might eventually end up needing surgery to correct. There are also many tendons in the hands, which make them susceptible to conditions like tendonitis.

There are a good number of different musculoskeletal conditions that you might encounter in your lifetime and each pose different challenges and treatment options. While there is a host of information online that you can use to help you, nothing will ever beat the expertise and experience of a healthcare professional. 

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