Hello cold and flu season – and no we are not excited to see you again…

Sadly battling sickness is inevitable.

As a mom I try to prepare for sickness by equipping myself with tools that will prevent the spread of germs and tools that help when my family is sick.


Here are some of the products we have been using this cold season


Fab Slabs

Fab Slabs are made in Australia and naturally antibacterial. Wood has advantages over plastic. Advantages like how its self healing – the shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own. Fab Slabs are made with Camphor Laurel which is a timber that is tightly grained with small pores – making it a great choice for cutting boards. Fab Slabs kiln dry their boards, which removes the natural oils leaving a slight odor to the board. This amazing smell stays in the wood and does not transfer to your food.

When I cook and prepare meals for the MamatheFox family I try to keep a safe and clean kitchen. When I make the choice to stay as clean as possible I can reduce the chances of viruses and colds being transferred from surface to person. I can effectively lower the chances of my family getting sick by making these conscious choices. When I make a meal I use a Fab Slab board in attempt to keep my family healthy.

Fab Slabs have been tested domestically and commercially for the past 7 to 10 years and have shown ZERO bacterial growth! Being tested against E coli, salmonella, staph and listeria – when tested on new Fab Slab boards they were unable to survive after a short time on the board. Fab Slabs are naturally and permanently antibacterial.


Check out Fab Slabs product line here


EVERYDAZE –Essential C’s Konjac Jelly Peach


Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants are molecules that boost the immune system. They do so by protecting cells from harmful molecules called free radicals (source HealthLine). In the cold and flu season we try all ways to stay healthy – and this includes increasing our Vitamin C in our daily routine.

Everydaze looks for ways to help people invest in themselves. They want people to nurture themselves, their mind and their body. Therefor, they have created a line of products to aid in this self investment.  This fall and winter we will be adding their Essential C’s Kenjac Jelly Peach to our Vitamin scheduled. It is a low calorie, healthy substitute for your most sugary snacks. Konjac is naturally derived from fibrous roots of an Asian plant. It is widely known to aid in weight management and improving cholesterol levels & digestive system. It is also fat-free and has almost no calories.

Not only does this pouch taste great but it reminds me to take care of my body from the inside out.


Check out Everydaze product line here



When you are sick with the chills there is nothing worse than a room that is too cold. My kids love to be in the finished basement. It is where their toys are, their books and a little couch and TV for their enjoyment. When they are sick in the basement I worry about them being too cold.

Now we no longer worry about them being cold thanks to using an Invroheat. The Invroheat wallheaters are based on the latest nano-technology in infrared heating. Termed ’clean-technology’, healthy, extremely energy efficient and now available to everyone. You simply hang it up and plug it in. It is not  just a heater but also a poster. This makes it look nice in your room and can blend into the natural decor of a room.  It is safer for children and pets as you do not need to worry about them touching or tipping it over. Using only 450 Watts its a cost effective product as well.

As a rule of thumb we never let the kids plug in or unplug the Invroheat. They may also not touch the poster – which they have never seemed interested in touching it – due it to looking like art and not an electronic device. You need to be sure to use the plastic clips that come with the unit so it hangs correctly. We use a 3M Command hook to hold the Invroheat up. This will also make moving it one day easier than using a nail or hook.

This product really does work. My husband was amazed at how quickly the room got warmer when we first used it. I suggest you head over to their website to see all the designs and looks of the Invroheat.

Check out the Invorheat product line here


Hyland’s Homeopathic

When the kids are misterable its time to step in with some medications. Hyland’s is a homeopathic brand that has a safe and effective line of homeopathic medicines that parents have trusted since 1903.  “Hyland’s stands as a leader in innovations that answer to the changing health needs of our modern world. From master athletes who use Hyland’s Leg Cramps on their 3000 mile adventures, to toddlers who can’t yet walk but have the capacity to send their parents running to fetch one of our Baby Oral Pain products – Hyland’s medicines share the milestones of people’s lives. We’re there when legs are needing a rest, when aching ears need drops, when noses need unclogging, and when little bugs in the hair become big problems for everyone. Hyland’s is for all ages at all times.” – Hyland’s Website

My kids fight medication. They hate the taste of them. With Hyland’s they don’t argue as much because of how natural and smooth they taste. Without all those additives and added colors the Hyland’s products make a better choice is helping my sick kids. It is important to note that the Hyland’s products are not just for kids. Parents can benefit from the medicines themselves as well.


Check out Hyland’s product line here



The Comfy

The Comfy is one of the Fox families very favorite products at the moment. When you just need to cuddle up and feel snuggles The Comfy is our go to. The Comfy is a luxurious, warm, & soft wearable blanket seen on Shark Tank. It features a huge hood, giant front pocket, high low hem, and ribbed cuffed sleeves. It comes in both adult and kid sizes with multiple color options too. The inner fleece it so comfy that my son prefers to take off his shirt when wearing his Comfy as to feel the material and enjoy the amazing feeling it gives.

The best part is it is easy to clean and doesn’t ruin the softness. Simply toss it in the wash then tumble dry on low – it comes out like new. With sick kids life gets messy. With The Comfy you don;t have to worry about using it with a sick kid.  If it gets soiled (which we all know is inevitable) you can wash it without ruining the softness.

They now offer more than just the original Comfy – they now have socks and the Sherpa style too – the Sherpa is 100% premium fluffy sherpa – making it even more fluffy.

Check out The Comfy product line here