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Why Healthcare Continues to Improve

One of the best things about living in the modern world is that the level of healthcare is so high. We’re prone to take many conveniences of modern life for granted, but this is perhaps the positive aspect that is overlooked the most. If you had been born in, say, 1700, then you’d have to contend with many more illnesses and diseases than you do now, and when you did fall ill, you may have been subjected to treatments that would not be allowed today.

And it’s not as if healthcare organizations have just advanced to a certain standard, and then stopped. They carry on developing and improving, in order to offer the best care possible. One such way they do this is through benchmarking. This is the process of establishing standards and then comparing those standards with other hospitals and healthcare practices across the country. This can help a healthcare organization to determine where they’re excelling, where they’re falling behind, and what they’re not doing at all.

There are many benchmark parameters used, but the five most important are probably ones relating to the treatment of heart attack patients, emergency department care, and overall hospital performance. The use of this system can help hospitals to become more efficient with their care, and improves the standard of care for patients.

Of course, in order for this process to work well, there needs to be reliable data and interpretation of this data. To learn more about the process, check out the infographic from USC below.

Infographic Design by USC USC

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