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Winter Home Maintenance Help

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When it’s cold outside and the wind and rain are coming down, one of the last things you want to do is worry about maintenance on your property, especially if it involves going outside. Unfortunately, the least pleasant months (at least, weather-wise) are also some of the most important to make sure your home is well-looked after to see it through until spring. At this time of year, it can be particularly challenging to get workmen out, so it’s best to opt for a prevention rather than cure approach when it comes to maintaining your home for the winter. To get your home inspected click here now. Read on for some areas that are often overlooked, and you should consider getting cleaned or serviced in the winter.

Air Conditioning Units

Dust and other debris can often clog up these units and so regularly having them serviced is essential to avoid problems in the future. If a problem does occur, there are many HVAC repair companies that you can call on. Most of these companies also offer servicing so you can keep your units functioning well throughout the year. Keeping your system well maintained will help it to produce and distribute air evenly and steadily. Furthermore, it reduces the likelihood of finding your home blasting with frigid air on a cold winter night after working all day. Therefore, to take care of the maintenance part, you will need to find your local experts by searching through keywords such as “AC repair in Harker Heights, TX” (or in your neighborhood) and get it thoroughly checked for any kind of repairs.

Clean Your Gutters

This area of your home can cause some of the biggest problems. If your gutters aren’t functioning properly, then this can cause water to pool on your roof and leak into your home. Furthermore, if it freezes and then thaws, this can add undue weight and pressure to your roof. This can even lead to cracks and other damages to the roof. It might then become necessary to contact a roofing company of comparable caliber, like Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction, to fix your roof. Therefore, to avoid all the said trouble, if you aren’t able to clean your own gutters, then consider hiring a company to assist you with this.

Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows

Before the cold sets in, take the time to check around your home for cracks and fissures around the doors and windows which will let in the draughts. You can use caulk to seal them up, but it’s worth considering a replacement if they are causing a big problem.

Get a Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

Clogged chimneys can cause house fires, and they also pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A chimney sweep and fireplace inspection might cost you money, but it could also ultimately save your life. A trained professional will also check and maintain your flue, which will, in turn, prevent drafts. You can also store the fuel like propane or kerosene to use during intense cold months. You can look for a local fuel supplier in your neighborhood to stock up your tank for heating as well as cooking in winters.

Bring Outdoors In

Ensure that you check all your summer garden furniture and appliances have been brought inside to prevent them becoming damaged during the winter months. This includes barbecues, sprinklers, lawnmowers and other furniture to prevent the wood becoming warped and/or metal rusting. Look into caring for your pool if you have one, especially its important parts like the pool filter and pump, to avoid a costly repair when you next come to use it.

Check Insulation

Most of you might insulate the outside of your home, but do note that it isn’t just for your lofts – you can also insulate your boiler and water storage unit. This will not only assist in preventing a freezing issue but will also save you money by reducing your heating and energy bills. You can learn more at Insulation4US about how to go about the process. Plus there’s the upside of lessening your environmental impact.

Even if the cold has already set it, it’s not too late to start making adjustments so you can weatherproof your home in preparation for the worst of the weather. Although it might seem like an expensive option, paying a professional to help with your home improvements is a sound investment to ensure that the job is done correctly and will stand up to harsh weather conditions.

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