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Gift-Giving Etiquette–4 Steps for Finding That Special Gift Your Loved One Will Truly Appreciate

Finding and giving the perfect gift for a loved one is challenging. When they seem to have everything they need already, or they’re notoriously difficult to buy for, then you’ve got your work cut out for you! To help you out if you have this sort of crisis, we’ve put together 4 steps to follow to find just the right gift. 


  • Who Are They as a Person?


Most of us tend to make the same mistake with gift giving – we buy friends, family or partners what we’d like to receive ourselves. When it gets our approval, then we mistakenly believe it’s the perfect gift. And it’s not!

Instead, clear your mind and think about who the gift receiver is as a person. What are their hobbies? What do they love or have raved about recently? What kinds of things do they buy for themselves?

Once you have a clearer idea about who they are, you can start to generate some ideas. While not wanting to give away your thinking, it’s possible to drop their hobbies or interests into a conversation to double-check whether they’re still a fan or not (people change interests and hobbies). The last thing you want is to buy a themed gift for something that they’re no longer interested in.


  • Is There Something New and Topical That They’d Get a Kick Out Of?


Keeping up with the latest releases is difficult. Even if someone has an interest, they may not have learned yet about an offshoot or new line of products that’s been released recently. 

Also, look out to see if there are some exclusive freebies with unique designs that they cannot purchase. Certainly, you can get free samples first here to check the quality and whether they’d like them. Then pad this out with other products from the same line that aren’t being offered as promotional items. This can lead to an interesting assortment of mini collectibles or new products they’d love if you pick the right things. 


  • Have They (Or Are They) Away at the Moment?


If they are presently away on assignment or have been and returned to only a few possessions, what they may need is a care package. 

The applicability of a care package is all about who they are as a person, where they’ve been, and what they might be missing in their life.

For instance, if they’re away, then a favorite or new framed photo of their friends or family will go down very well. They can hang it up and not feel as lonely. Or, they can be sent a bundle of candy that they’ve previously lamented cannot be bought where they are presently. This is something that’s done for the military on deployment by their loved ones and it certainly works for other people too.


  • Create an Experience That They’ll Never Forget


Instead of purchasing a gift and wrapping it up, why not create an original experience that’s tailormade for them? At a time when experiences are sometimes valued more highly than possessions, choosing the right one makes for an ideal gift for a loved one who feels this way.

The trick is to know them really well, so you can craft a day out from one or more activities. Whether that’s a river cruise, paintballing, a bar crawl, a Geocaching hide and seek, or something else entirely; pick something fun or interesting that they’ll get a blast out of.

When gift giving, the most important thing is to make it appropriate for the receiver; not the giver. When you do this, the rest usually falls right into place. 

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