When it comes to style there’s nothing permanent. The looks of people changes rapidly and what’s the norm today might well not be in just a few months. So what we considered fashionable ten or twenty years ago is no longer popular. The very same happens to people’s style over the years. To keep up with trends we have to keep evolving our style constantly. If you feel that you need a huge change keep reading, as I’m about to give you three simple steps to renew your style. And since the New Year is almost here, it’s a perfect moment to renew our style: “New Year, new me”.


The first step is to reinvent your smile. The smile is one of the key components to the image that you project, and it stands out at first glance. If you tweak your smile, something very easy to do nowadays, your face brightens up immediately. It may sound ridiculous but most people are not happy with their teeth. What they don’t realize is that it’s super safe and inexpensive to take cosmetic dentistry treatments such as veneers teeth Turkey. Having lovely teeth doesn’t ever go out of fashion, especially if it comes with a lovely holiday in the sun attached!


The second step is a no brainer: change your hairstyle. It says a lot about your personality so you need to be comfortable with the new style. Everybody has a dream hairstyle or color but are afraid to take that risk. Perhaps now it’s your perfect chance to try!


Your hairdresser should be able to give you some advice on what’s trending right now, which kind of style matches your face, etc. 


Step three would be your clothing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this point, but don’t stress out: we’re giving you some hints…


Perhaps you could start by searching online and trying to find a style icon, although this is not absolutely necessary. Some people go as far as creating a mood board.


Another good idea, if you usually shop at the same stores, is to try shopping in different shops. That’s always exciting!


As mentioned earlier, nothing stays permanently as the norm. Just have a really good look at your closet and try to find the patterns you’ve followed in recent years. Once you’ve identified what your outfits have in common is time to decide what’s wrong with it.


Decide what you need to change. Keep only what you’re 100% comfortable with. Now let’s let the fun begin: go shopping! Try new styles and don’t be afraid to experiment.


In any case, it always pays off to be creative and create your very own style by combining these three steps at your wish (and re-tweaking it after). In fashion, there’s nothing that stays immutable over time, and what works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for yourself.


And lastly a bonus tip, the one that tops everything up: you may add something unique to your style, a signature look. This could be an accessory, a funky colour or a print, or even a beauty trick such as a special way of wearing make-up.


A perfect example of this was Amy Winehouse and her signature way of wearing eyeliner. In fact, if you ask anyone if they know who she was, most people would double-check they remember right by referring to her eyes or eyebrows.


So go ahead and get with your perfect smile, new hairdo and new closet, add your unique signature piece and start rocking the world!