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Low Cost Christmas Decoration for Innovative Moms

‘Tis the season to be innovative and smart. Christmas is just around the corner, and with the holiday comes a plethora of tiny tasks and obligations. Christmas is a big event in every household, but everyone tends to forget that preparations are no walk in the park. And they always fall on you to execute. If you’re organizing a party for a large number of people – perhaps for your extended family, friends, or colleagues at work – you may want to think about hiring out London Christmas party venues or similar ones close to you in order to accommodate all of your guests. Of course, the planning and organization needed to pull something like this off will be quite the undertaking.

That is why we brainstormed about potential Christmas decorations that are cheap and easy to make. We came up with 6 essential elements of DIY decoration – something you simply must include in your festive embellishment. Here are our Xmas décor essentials.

Wine Bottles

Every household has a heap of old, unused bottles. They are generally considered trash that you take out before holidays roll in. We say that’s wrong! Instead of throwing them out, you can find them a new purpose during Christmas. They are, as all items on our list, very versatile. You can combine them with other Xmas décor essentials, such as glitter or yarn. Here are a few ideas.

You can cover them in glitter and place them on the table or shelf. If you like minimalism, simply painting them in two glittery colors might be enough. If, however, you like to go all in, you can stick little DIY paper stars, or use hot glue to attach yarn. Yarn adds a little bit of old-school Xmas vibe to the ornament. You can also put the fairy lights inside the bottle. That way, you get a bright bottle (try not to go overboard with glitter here) to lighten up the room.


Well, this one is obvious. Pinecones are for many the definition of Christmas ornamentation. They are beautiful and truly flexible. Most decorations revolve around or include a cone or two. We are guessing that you are very familiar with this decorative element, but have you ever tried dipping them in paint? That way you get a two-color pinecone that can be a part of a wreath on the front door or table. You can take a large glass bowl and fill it with multicolor cones – just add some fairy lights and you are all set.

Pinecones are one of the most important parts of holiday decorations. They evoke the spirit of Christmas – and as such are an inevitable part of the festivities. We gave you a few simple ideas, but you can place them wherever you want and style them according to your preferences.


Oh, where do we start with this one? Glitter is the definition of party spirit. And what else is Christmas than a large party? If you are throwing a party, make sure to include edible glitter for the kids. Plus, kids love playing with glitter. After the kids go to sleep, you’ll have a set of decorations to take the party to the next level. Who knows, you might even end up playing games with your friends – like poker, or online casino games that you can find right here on websites like Casino Bloke, a venue fully dedicated to the ever-growing iGaming industry.

One of the best things about glitter is that is very cheap and very easy to use. You can spray glitter on wreaths; cover bottles (see above), or apply glitter confetti to tree decorations. Tree ornaments are a vast area for exploration, especially if you combine it with glitter.


Another great item for Christmas experimentation. They are great for table decorations, but there are other places for them as well. For this special holiday, people typically buy red, green, or white candles. You can try any other color that suits the rest of your ornaments.

In terms of size, we recommend larger candles in a cluster. This way, you can place them on a shelf, coffee table, or dining table. You can add a few pinecones or spray some glitter – the choice is yours. For simple decorations, use tealights or votives. Use hot glue to attach them to a string or place them inside jars.


The one thing that can unite all these elements is yarn. The yarn gives a traditional and rustic vibe to the whole product. If you want a décor that looks like it came from Instagram – yarn is the answer. But it is not just pretty – it is very useful.

You can wrap and tie it around candles in a cluster. You can attach it to tree ornaments sprayed with glitter. Wrap it around wreaths, fairy lights, or even bottles. Essentially, the possibilities are endless.

Fairy Lights

If you decide to forego the intricate festive ornaments and go with one thing only, fairy lights are the one for you. By just adding fairy lights to your window, door, or wall, you will create a sense of full decoration for your guests. The place will look classic and elegant. If you are throwing a party for your friends, string lights are a must. If you turn off all other lights, you will create a more subtle, intimate atmosphere perfect for a family gathering.

You have many options with these lights in terms of color and shape. They can be white, orange, or even multicolor. If you choose to go with the regular fairy lights with one color only, be careful. They should suit the color scheme of your home.


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