If you are planning to take a tour of South America, you need to know all the best food that they offer. This will enhance your experience on the tour. However, you do not have to visit all the Latin American countries because many restaurants will offer you a variety of foods. One thing you will note is that most of the South American dishes are spicy and delicious, which makes them popular all over the world. Check out these delicacies and their origins.

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce – Argentina

Any time you are in Argentina or any restaurant that serves their cuisine, you can order a juicy steak that will be accompanied by chimichurri sauce. This is known and appreciated all over the world as one of the best steaks. The steak is usually grilled while the sauce is carefully prepared using oil, red wine, parsley, and garlic. Other South American countries have tried to use this method of serving steak, but Argentina remains unparalleled and authentic.

Ceviche – Peru

If you love seafood, this fresh fish dish is the best to sample. Although most people are skeptical about eating ”raw” fish, this is worth trying. Basically, it is soaked in a marinade of lemon juice and chili, which cooks the fish. It is served all over the country in restaurants, but food stalls serve it at affordable prices. Lima is where you will get the best Ceviche in abundance. However, Latin American restaurants across the world also serve such dishes.

Churro Sandwich

Almost all Latin American countries serve this sweet sandwich as a dessert or snack. Mainly, the batter is fried until it is crunchy, and then the rolled sandwich is rolled in cinnamon. So, you can feel free to order it in any restaurant whenever you visit any of these countries. Also, you can check the menu at https://www.vamos.net.au/ to order your churro sandwich whenever you are in Australia.

Coxinhas – Brazil

Brazil is vibrant with street food. In fact, most people eat this delicious food all over the country. You too can enjoy your trip to the country by trying their best. Make sure that you start with Coxinhas, which will set the pace for enjoying their food. Coxinhas consist of shredded chicken and a filling that is deep fried and often served with tomato salsa.

Dulce de Leche – Uruguay

Although it is used in other countries like Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is where this obsession starts. This is a caramel paste made by heating milk and sugar. It is so loved that it is found in every meal to accompany starchy snacks. Uruguayans even carry this paste across borders whenever they are visiting other countries. You too should try this paste to enjoy it like the Latin Americans.


There are numerous food dishes that you can eat in South America. As seen above, these are delicious indigenous foods that have even found their way into many other countries in the world through themed restaurants. Actually, you do not have to wait until you visit the Latin American countries to enjoy; all you need is a Latin American restaurant in your town.