Most mommas spend a fair bit of time making sure that the family home is the best environment for their kids to grow up in. Something that includes cleaning, decorating, tidying, and organizing. However, many of us forget that to be truly healthy, a home’s air quality needs to be wholesome as well. This goes for any indoor area as well! That is why many people call in a Residential or Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing company or someone similar to ensure that they are safe and not breathing in any unhealthy or toxic air. A lot to take in right? Well, that’s okay because if you’re still stuck, you can find out more about it in my post below.


The first thing you need to deal with when it comes to keeping your home’s air quality up is your pets. In fact, it is the dander that many pets, including cats and dogs, give off that can be a threat to aid quality.

Of course, if anyone living in your home has an allergy to pet hair or dander, it can be very problematic indeed. Even to the point where it will affect their health and wellbeing. Happily, there are solutions that can help you avoid such a situation.

The first is to choose not to have a pet at all, something that may not always go down well with all members of the family. Even the ones that have allergies! After all, pets can be a significant part of family life.

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Many people find choosing a hypoallergenic pet such as a sphinx cat can help preserve the air quality in their home.

There are further options to consider, though, such as getting a pet that does not have fur or one that is hypoallergenic! It is even possible to get an air purifying system that will remove a decent amount of dander from the atmosphere in the home, something that can significantly reduce the problem. The additional benefit of these being that they can also be used to remove other allergies and debris from the air as well. Something that can help to further improve the atmospheric quality in the home.

Air conditioners

Another issue that householders need to be aware of when it comes to air quality is their air conditioner. Which makes sense, because it is a device that pushes air into the home. If you have an old appliance, it’s probably time to look at getting AC replacement & installation. Old appliances are inefficient and can actually make your indoor air quality worse.

What to watch out for here is a build-up of dust, fungi, and bacteria in your air conditioning system. Regular air conditioning maintenance can prevent these nasties from entering your living space. Otherwise, this can exacerbate health issues like asthma, making it harder to breathe.

Happily, its reasonably easy to avoid this happening. Getting a new system fitted is one option, but if your system isn’t that old, just remember that Air Conditioning Maintenance is important to keep things running smoothly. In fact, you can get a specialist to do it for you during the winter months while it’s not being used. Then your system will be clean and ready to go as soon as summer or the hot weather hits. In case the systems are having issues and maintenance isn’t the option, you may want to look for a company that repairs these conditioners. In most cases, repairing works wonders, and if you’re not sure who to contact for the said service, try companies like Diamondback AC, Heating & Refrigeration (Visit their website. here).


Finally, if preserving the air quality in your home is a chief concern you need to guard against smells and odors. Especially ones that you can get used to as a resident such as cooking odor.

One way that you can help prevent such things is to install an extractor fan in the kitchen. A device that will expel any cooking smells outside rather than leaving them to linger in your home.

Of course, opening windows and letting as much fresh air in, as possible is also a good idea. You can even use an odor destroying room spray for any stubborn smells that just don’t seem to want to shift. Something that can help to make the atmosphere in your home as healthy as possible for your family.

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