Do your kids want some spooky monsters this Halloween?

I do not like scary things, so we steer clear from spooky and gross Halloween decor.

So instead we compromise with friendly spooky things – things like OOLY Monster themed art supplies or other kids-friendly Halloween costumes.



Monster Pals Writing Super Set


The Monster Pals Writing Super Set is perfectly curated for children who love to color, draw and create.  This colorful set comes with a ton of monster themed school and stationery supplies and a fun scratch art kit to boot. It also comes pre-wrapped in a cute white box and blue bow for easy gift giving convenience. This makes the perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah or a birthday celebration.



Do you remember the days of the Scratch Off Paper? It was a privilege to get one in art class I fondly remember. I never saw these in stores or was gifted them as a child. They were a very sought after item in the kids of the 80’s. Kids now have access to these super fun  Scratch and Scribble Scratch Art Kit-Monster Pals

This set comes with 4 sheets with Monster designs to scratch and another 4 sheets of blank black pages that you can draw your won design on and reveal the colors beneath.  Scratching tool is included.


My son loves to make his own books – Little cartoon like situations with silly themes and story lines. OOLY’s Pocket Pal Mini Notebooks (set of 8) are the perfect size (3.5 x 5) for your little monster. He can easily take these hand sized note books along in the car and keep making his stories while on-the-go. 

My daughter loves the 3 Monster Stacking Erasers. They are perfect for small hands and work very well to erase. Each comes with a little plastic “body” which can be removed and swapped between the erasers. Making them more fun that any old eraser you may find. My son loves the Monster ClickIt Eraser which is like a fat pen that can be clicked like a mechanical pencil to release more eraser. It works so well he started making scribbles just to be able to use this Monster ClickIt Eraser on it for fun!



Head over to OOLY’s website to see all there amazing supplies


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  1. This is absolutely perfect for the Littles. I think I’m going to get a set for my nephew.

  2. Aww, these things look like so much fun! I know my kiddos would enjoy them too! They love to create!

  3. These products look wonderful. I’m sure my kids would love these too. I’ll have to make sure to get them some of these.

  4. So cute and great to do with the kids as a Halloween tradition to let them feel a part of the festivities. Perfct for bigger kids to to even retrace and draw on their own

  5. I love the idea to make their own story book! I am sure that my kid will be happy to have the complete set!

  6. These are nice art supplies to help a child be creative. I will get this for my grandchildren. Hours and hours of fun and learning! Awesome.

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