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The title of this article is a great piece of advice in itself, but you shouldn’t just nod your head at that statement and carry on with your day. Think about what it really means. Are you a healthy parent? The best gift you can give to your children is to look after yourself. So many parents put their kids first – it’s instinctual. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your own wellbeing. In fact, if you’re not physically or mentally healthy, then you’re not going to be able to look after your kids to the best of your ability. With that in mind, let’s talk about how you could live more healthily as a busy parent.


Exercise daily

If you want to be healthier, then you should start by exercising daily. You were probably hoping that this suggestion wouldn’t come up. Few people enjoy exercising. But that’s because most of us interpret it as a chore. For some, it is fun as they can run on a treadmill (like the kind available at Motion Fitness) for hours or lift weights. For some gym fanatics, this is a fun way to exercise. If that’s not your game, you just have to find a way to get your body moving every day to remain healthy. As parents, you’re probably busy with several responsibilities.


So, you should incorporate exercise into your existing daily routine. Maybe you could cycle to work instead of driving. Maybe you could walk to the shop with your child instead of taking the car. It might be a nice opportunity to get some fresh, take a stroll through your local park or playground, and reach your goal of 10,000 steps for the day. That’s right: walking counts as exercise. You don’t need a gym membership. Walking is a straightforward cardiovascular activity that burns calories whilst strengthening the heart. By improving your physical health, you’ll be on this planet for longer. That gives you more time to enjoy your children. Plus, if you’re physically fit, then you’ll be able to keep up with your little ones when you’re playing in the garden.


Get enough sleep

You and your family members need to keep enough sleep. Depriving yourself of rest is bad for your health on so many levels. Those bags under your eyes aren’t the one negative consequences of a bad night’s sleep. You could also be weakening your immune system, slowing your metabolism, and even affecting the health of your heart. If you want to be a healthy parent (and have the energy to concentrate on your kids), then you need to get enough sleep. That can be easier said than done, of course. If you have a newborn, then nobody in your house will be getting a good night’s sleep. You might want to check out sleep training: the complete guide for new parents. That could help you to get your baby into a healthier sleeping pattern. In turn, you and the rest of your family will be able to get enough sleep, too.


Maintain good relationships with your family members

This is important on so many levels. For starters, maintaining a good relationship with your partner is beneficial to your wellbeing and their wellbeing. You might be a strong and independent parent, but your emotional state is still affected by the ones you love. So, you need to make sure you communicate well with your partner. You need to be open and honest with each other. You need to make time for each other. Being a parent might dominate your daily routine, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have to be a spouse or a partner.


But communication is absolutely essential to the strength of any couple’s relationship, obviously. The reason as to why it’s so important for parents is that it affects your children, too. If you and your partner can communicate effectively (even when you disagree on certain things), then you’ll demonstrate the importance of openness and honesty to your little ones. As a result, they’ll be able to talk to you more openly and honestly. This will help to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with your children, as well as your partner. For the sake of your emotional wellbeing, make sure you strive to maintain good relationships with your family members. Don’t see parenting as a “job”. You’re not a robot completing chores and meeting requirements. You need to enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoy your family. Even in this hectic modern world, you should be allowed to stop, breathe, and relax from time to time. Maybe you could set aside “family time” at the weekends. That would give you the opportunity to bond and stay strong.