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3 Ways New Mothers Can Get Back In Shape

When you’ve been pregnant for 9 whole months, had the baby and for probably about a year have been unable to find time to yourself. When your baby is over 3 year old, taking care of your  boy or girl is routine. You’ve learned from the mistakes and you have taken the time to realize how you can make life easier for yourself. This is something to be expected because as time goes on, you get better and better. However, now that you don’t have to do as much, you’ll finally have time to get back in shape. Pregnancy can add a lot of weight, weight which is difficult to shed off. It’s a thicker layer of fat which you have when you are pregnant and feeding the child. So you need to do certain things to help yourself lose that weight and return back to your pre-pregnancy size. Here are a few ways you can begin your journey back looking trim again.



Just get moving


The first thing you need to do is to just get moving. You have probably lived a sedentary life for a few years. So just getting up and sticking to a schedule of working out is going to be difficult. Start off with long and fast walks. This just gets the blood pumping and reconnects some nerves and tissues with your mind. Muscles that haven’t been used will finally get a wake up call. You might also want to begin a light jog if you feel you’re able. This will allow you to steadily ramp up the pace and increase exercise as you feel better. You’ll also get a good grasp of how you feel, whether or not you can push yourself or not.


Manage stress and workouts


Maybe you have gained so much weight that you really do need constant time at the gym. For that you should first consider child care, so you can leave your children with trained professionals in a playful and educational environment. This can last all day or just a few hours depending on your needs. It will also help you to manage stress, which had many other benefits. For example, you won’t eat so erratically and unhealthily. You can drop the kids off to daycare and then set about sculpting your figure at the gym. You might also want to take up various fitness classes such as aerobics. But you might also want an afternoon class of yoga to loosen up joints. 



Focus on fat areas


Men store their fat cells around their midsection, women store it around their buttocks and legs. You can begin to trim off the fat by doing exercise specifically in these areas. For example, you can do standing lunges, squats or leg raises. You might also want to work on your waist and abs by doing sit-ups and crunches. These body weight exercises are very easy to do and don’t put a lot of pressure on joints.


Manage your stress levels and take proper care and time at the gym to regain your physique. But also, do the basic workouts such as jogging and leg lunges. 


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