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Better Choices (a healthier you)

healthier you

I love my titles in life. I am a Christian. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a friend. I am a blogger. I am a lot of things. We all have titles and can easily get wrapped up in them. At the end of 2015 I hit a real life changing day. I realized I was no longer taking care of myself. Everyday I put everyone ahead of myself. Out of love. Out of care and concern for their well-being. Then out of habit. As a Christian I believe I should put God first. By doing this I will more clearly see what He wants me to do. I was in a fog. I lost myself and was not taking care of myself like I should. A women of excellence as described in Proverbs 31 not only takes care of her family and puts God first, but she also cares for herself. Our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell. What kind of a temple gobbles down greasy food and doesn’t keep good hygiene? This one.

Making a life changing choice doesn’t come easy. It takes dedication. More than I can have as an individual. I know that with God, all things are possible and can be done for His glory. In November 2015 I started on a new path. It was hard. I am a recovering addict (for those of you who didn’t already know this). When I quit drugs, cigarettes, alcohol I had to make HUGE life changes. How I woke up. How I drove. What I did during the day/afternoon/evening. The crowds I hung out with. When I quit all of those things, I took up sweets and pop. I filled that void with something else. Something that was just as disastrous for my body. I just didn’t realize it. Now that I do, I knew I had to change, immediately.

Changes can come in steps or all at once. It matters person to person how you want to attack your new found goals. I choose to cut out processed foods from my diet and start to exercise daily. I started small. I would walk 30 minutes a day in my living room to a walking video. I saw that my endurance increased. I then stepped it up to The Biggest Loser workouts and WII games (those are no joke for the new to fitness peeps). Now I am starting the Slim for 6 series by Beachbody. I am motivated to see a change in myself. But I am realistic. I know that I will not see results overnight. I will see them in a few months, hopefully a lot by 6 month and a ton by 12 months. I want to be strong. I want to show my children that taking care of yourself can be fun and a normal way of life. I want to honor my God by taking care of the vessel he blessed me with.


better me

This is me. It’s not my most stunning photo, but I would rather show the real, sweaty truth of making better choices.

I will dedicate this series to products and brands that I feel can help me make myself better. Whether it’s a food or drink, a fitness tool or outfit. Here you can find items that can inspire you in making that change you know you want to make.

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