Are you looking for easy life hacks?

Ways to get to the park, the zoo or to the ballpark with ease?

Are you looking for ways to use up less space in your home and while on-the-go?


Then you are in need of Clevermade!


CleverMade gives us uniquely designed totes, bags, coolers and crates that are collapsible – providing consumers with  the chance to take up less space in our homes, cars and offices



The thing that makes Clevermade products so special is how they collapse. The 2 sides of each product have a “snap and bend” feature.  This allows the bag or tote to stay strong and upright when opened. Then, when snapped closed, it can lay very flat and slim.


SnapBasket – LUXE Tote

The SnapBasket comes in a few version and in multiple colors/prints. The one featured in this article is the SnapBasket LUXE Tote – Collapsible 30L Canvas Tote in Navy Striped.



If you are in need of an easy to use tote that takes up little space when not in use then the SnapBasket LUXE Tote is going to change how you juggle life.


MamatheFox loves to use this tote as a car tote. It fits perfectly between 2 car seats, allowing the kids to have their books, toys and snacks in an organized manner. I hate it when the kids things are rolling around in the back seat of my car. It makes it look messy and things get misplaced. Now that we have the SnapBasket in our SUV, we can keep organized and the kids are kept occupied as we bee-bop around town.


This tote is also perfect for grocery store trips. I hate getting plastic bags from the store, as we are big into reducing our carbon footprint. It is perfect for picnics, bringing your returns back to a store, or for vacations to the beach.


Tahoe Cooler – Sturdy & Collapsible, Holds 50 Cans + Ice



We are constantly using a cooler.

I use them for runs to the grocery store (when its hot and so many other errands to get done), on vacations, trips to the pool or the zoo. Play dates at the park or natural reserve. We use a cooler at least 2 times per week, if not daily in the summer months.

The one thing about coolers that can be annoying is they take up so much space!

I love our new Tahoe Cooler from Clevermade. It is collapsible when not in use but is extremely high quality allowing it to work very effectively by keeping drinks and food nice and cold.


If you tailgate, or know someone who does, this is great to take to ballgames as it can store up to 50 cans! Whether you are filling it with beer, wine coolers, pop cans, juice boxes or caviar, you are going to wonder how you made it through life before using a CleverMade cooler.


The cooler comes with a sturdy handle, allowing you to carry the tote when filled to the max.


MamatheFox’s husband is in love with the bottle opener that is attached to the cooler! No more loosing a bottle opener when you are out and about. You cannot loose an opened that is attached to the cooler itself!