Anyone can start knitting and there are several good reasons why you should consider it. In fact research confirms that knitting can help to relieve stress and assist people to deal with mental health issues.

Considering we all live in a stressful world this is definitely something that everyone can benefit from. Of course you’ll probably have an image in your head of two elderly ladies clinking needles while sharing the latest gossip. Once this may have been right but now knitting has become exceptionally popular with people of all generations.

The great thing is that it’s easy to start and surprisingly therapeutic to do. All you need is to click this link and choose your yarn, a set of needles and your favorite beginner pattern. It takes a few moments to learn the basic stitches and then you’ll be off!

Here are some great projects for any beginner:


In essence this is simply a row of stitches repeated over and over again unit you reach the desired length. The initial row will dictate the width of your finished scarf.

Of course there are a variety of different stitches you can use and advanced versions will allow you to add in different colors and even monograms. But, your basic one color pattern is a great starting point.

The Hat

A hat may seem complicated but it’s actually almost as easy as the scarf! In fact the simplest form of hat is made in the same way as a scarf. The wider your row of stitches the taller the hat will be. The length of the knitting will reflect the diameter of the head.

Once you’ve made a straight piece simply seam the two ends together to make a circular opening for a head. The top will scrunch slightly. You can stitch a bobble to it or tie a bow through it to make it a bobble hat!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can even try mixing the colors or using multicolored yarn.

The Blanket

This is also the same premise as the basic scarf. However, you’ll be looking to make this with a closer stitch and significantly wider than the scarf.

The easiest way for a beginner to achieve this is to knit several scarves and then seam them all together. In this way you can make the blanket as big as you like and add an array of color to it.


What’s better at keeping your feet warm in the winter than a pair of wooly socks? These may seem more complicated but they are actually a very similar process to the hat. You’ll need to start with a strip of knitting; this time it is the width that will dictate the height of the socks on your legs. Then knit the rows and simple wrap them together to make a tube. Stitch the two sides into a tube and the seam the end to stop your toe poking out.

They may not have a heel point but they’re a great way to start knitting and build your confidence.