• Are you making mistakes with your laundry?

Doing the laundry is easy, right? The truth is that this may seem like a simple task, but a lot of people do not get it right. We all know that a suit or dress should go to a dry cleaner like this Dry Cleaner in Perth, but it’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to other items. Doing so can end up causing problems, and can potentially cost you money.

So, are you really a whizz at doing the laundry, or do you make mistakes? There are some things that you may be doing and some steps that you may not be taking when you should, click here to learn more.

  • Rubbing hard at stains

You may think that the harder you rub at a stain, the more likely it is to come out. This is not true. Stains do not react well to fierce rubbing. You need to treat a stain as soon as you can and you should always dab gently rather than scrub away at the material.

  • Using too much detergent in the wash

This is a very common mistake that people make. It’s easy to assume that the more detergent you use when doing the laundry, the better the results will be. This is not the case. Excess detergent can actually become stuck in the fibers of clothing so that it’s not washed away during the rinse cycle. Using small amounts of specially formulated laundry detergent produces the best results.

  • Leaving zippers unzipped when clothing is washed

If you do not zip up zippers before you put items of clothing in the wash, you can end up causing damage. When open zips come into contact with delicate fabrics they can snag on them. This can lead to tearing; therefore, be sure to zip all zippers prior to washing  

  • Not unfastening buttons when clothing is washed

Many people do not see any problem with leaving buttons fastened when clothing is washed. The truth is that spending just a few minutes unfastening buttons reduces the stress on buttons and buttonholes, and helps keep them intact for longer.

  • Failing to make sure that the washing machine is level

If your washing machine is shaking and making a loud noise, there is a good chance that it’s not situated on a level surface. This is not just annoying, parts of the machine, such as the shock absorbers can wear out as a result of the vibration. You need to resolve the problem by adjusting the feet of the machine or leveling out the floor with the use of a suitable piece of wood.

  • Not washing socks in the correct way

If you are washing socks, remember to place them in a mesh bag so that they do not become entangled with the rest of the laundry. This also helps to resolve the problem of socks that go missing, so that you are left with a lot of odd socks and few pairs.

Doing the laundry is not that complicated. However, making any of these mistakes can end up costing you time and money, and can lead to clothing and bedding items not being as clean as they should.