I still remember the day my husband proposed! I climbed the stairs to the top of the climbing tower at the camp we worked at in Michigan. With a big smile, my husband opened a tiny little box and inside was my grandmother’s diamond set in a ring of twisting silver and sparkle. The blushing bride that I was, I didn’t want to ever take it off. However, it was by far the most expensive thing we owned and my job involved sports, swimming, rock climbing, and all other crazy things you do at summer camp. The whole summer I battled between keeping my precious ring safe and showing everyone I was engaged.

I wish I would have had an alternative.

During our first year of marriage my husband finished up his senior year and football career. Almost the whole season I wore his wedding ring around my neck to keep it safe. With practices everyday and games every weekend, he had his ring off more than he had it on. I don’t know about you, but I wanted everyone on campus to know that buff linebacker was my man, but it just want’t practical.

I wish he would have had an alternative.

Two years later, my husband and I were working overseas. Most of our time was spent working in a private school, but when we did have a holiday we made use of our time. We traveled to different countries, hiked Asia’s national parks, cared for orphans, did construction, ran youth camps, and so much more. Almost every trip I left my ring at home fearing it would get lost, stolen, or broken. We weren’t exactly taking CHARTER FLIGHTS BETWEEN TOLUCA AND HOUSTON, or wherever we went (although we would have loved it!), so safety was a top priority. Besides that, the humidity in Asia got trapped under my ring and caused an infection. During our last year in China I kept my ring in the box.

I wish I would have had an alternative.

Recently my husband got super into Crossfit and no longer was the size of the linebacker I married. His wedding band didn’t fit. When we discussed replacing it we just couldn’t find a good solution. He didn’t want anything expensive because he took it off for workouts and rec sports. However, he wanted to wear something…and tattooing a ring wasn’t an option. His alternative was wearing an old silver thumb ring I had in high school. We often chuckled about it but knew if it got lost there would be no tears.

I could go on with a list of reasons why my husband and I have had to find a portable lint remover and a reason to take our rings off. But the bottom line was, we needed an alternative.

I needed a ring to wear when I feared for the life of my family heirloom.

My husband needed a new ring, and preferably one that he didn’t need to take on and off.

That’s when we heard about silicone rings!

Switching to Silicone Rings

Switching to silicone rings could be a life switch or a daily switch.

For me it is a daily switch. I wear my metal rings the majority of the time; running through life’s mundane schedule.

Basically I slip on my silicone ring for any occasion I use to take my rings off. I make the switch when I take the kids to the pool, workout, cook, paint, travel overseas, or engage in any messy or hands-on activities.

My favorite part about wearing a silicone ring is the ability to clean it quickly. My metal ring use to get caked with cooking ingredients and resulted in me using a toothpick to clean out each tiny pore.

I love that even if I forget about switching back to my metal ring, I am still wearing a wedding band that is stylish and meaningful.

For my husband it was a life switch. He needed a new ring that fit his lifestyle. He needed a ring he didn’t have to think about!

He can comfortably workout, do yard work, travel, and even swim with his new ring.

For both of us, silicone rings proved to be a wonderful alternative for our different needs.

Our silicone rings are:

  • Flexible: Silicone moves with our fingers and don’t risk injury with impact.
  • Comfortable: Silicone is light and squishy and has no friction between fingers.
  • Affordable: Silicone is cheap, no tears are shed over an irreplaceable heirloom.

BUT WAIT! Before you go buy the cheapest pack of silicone rings on Amazon, you must know

Not all silicone rings are created equal!

When we made the switch we wanted to do it right. After some research and a YouTube commercial we were hooked on Groove Life!

Meet Groove Life!

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Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner, Peter Goodwin ran into a predicament a few years back. While he wanted to show his commitment and love for his wonderful family, he needed to stay safe with his demanding and active job. A metal wedding band wasn’t going to cut it.

That’s when Peter decided to design an alternative. He started with functionality by incorporating breathable grooves that would lock out moisture and enhance air flow.

Then in 2016, Peter launched Groove Life! He perfected silicone rings by making them not only safe for work and play, but also breathable and durable!

“I created Groove Life to represent what I value most in life. Functionality, quality, and a commitment to put people above profit.” Peter states on his website.

Why Groove Life

Peter is passionate about putting people above profit with Groove Life rings.

The biggest problem with silicone rings is they tend to hold in smells and moisture. So the awesome plan you had to workout, fish, cook, and sweat in your ring is ruined because in a few short months your ring reeks. Groove Life is different because it is designed with patented breathable grooves. The grooves keep fresh air circulating and bad odors from bring trapped. Meaning you keep your ring longer!

My husband can comfortably do yard work without metal digging into his skin.

Sweaty workouts and sports are handled with the air grooves allowing circulation, keeping our rings and hands fresh and damage free.

Groove Life stays on securely while swimming laps and probably dries quicker than your swimsuit.

My ring has stayed reek free even after enduring recipes with raw chicken, peanut butter, red sauce, and more.

Grove Life gives us confidence to play, swim, and live the lifestyle we choose worry free.


One of the best parts of Groove life is their dedication to customers! They have a strict no BS warranty!

If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, or encounters some unique death Groove Life will replace it! I find that pretty impressive for a ring that is meant to endure active lifestyles and extreme sports.


Choosing your Ring

Besides the basic solid rings, Groove Life has 7 different collections that appeal to patriates all the way to care free bohemians.

I love the look of the Groove Aspire. The print is exceptional and vibrant! My Bohemian ring resembles beautiful stone and has a simple and classy appearance.

They also provide the ability to customize your ring. As a mother I love the idea of having a ring with my kid’s initials, birthday years, or even one ring per kid with their names engraved. The options are almost unlimited and such a wonderful gift idea.

My husband and I chose to personalize our rings with our wedding date. I loved that we had the option to choose our style, font, and color. For active couples I could definitely see GrooveLife’s wedding collection as the go to pick for their special day.

Groove Life sizing is made easy with a number of different tests and videos to get the right results. Groove Ring insists you measure your finger even if you know your ring size, due to silicone rings fitting differently than a metal ring.

My husband and I printed the paper test and completed all three tests to find our ring size. I measured almost consistently as an 7.5-8 while my husband seemed to be all over the place. Groove Ring suggests you go with the smaller size because silicone is meant to fit tighter. I let my nerves get the best of me and we ordered an 8 and a 10.

Groove life was right and I for sure should have ordered down for both of us. I don’t love things being snug so I am pretty satisfied with the fit, but now I have just the slightest worry my ring might fall off in a pool. My husband’s is wiggly and he will most likely get a new size.

Groove Life does states that if your ring doesn’t fit correctly after receiving it they will replace it for free within the first month of purchasing.

You also can exchange your Groove Ring for a new color within the first two weeks of purchase.

If you are undecided about color and size Groove Life offers a Try 5 option! Just simply pick five rings; color, size and style, that you want to test out. Try on your rings at home and choose your new favorite ring(s). Keep your wants and return the others for Free!

Overall, I would have to highly recommend Groove Life! I think they are one of the leading brands in silicone rings and have a passionate and reliable team backing them up. Groove Life is dedicated to bringing functionality and fashion to a universal consumer. These rings are not only perfect for the extreme lifestyle but also for the messy mama, dedicated nurse, workout jock, hands-on worker, and any other daily obstacle!

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