When you think children’s fashion what comes to mind?

For me is quality, modern styles and wearable.



So often I will find a beautiful dress or fun top for my daughter, but the material is scratchy or not cut to fit her body. Our kids are children, and should dress as such, not a teen. However, our kids have exposure to high end fashions. Shows like Barbie’s Dream house, Fancy Nancy and loads of other Disney programs show our children young girls and teen’s wearing hip/top end brands.  I want my daughter to look like a 5 year old, not a 15 year old. However, I do want her to look hip and in style – this is where Pink Elephant Organics steps in.


Now that my 5 year old is starting Kindergarten she is very particular about what she wears. I cannot just give her an outfit to wear, she needs to be part of the buying and trying process. When I showed her the website for Pink Elephant Organics she mentally did a backflip with excitement. These are the styles she has been longing to wear, and I was thrilled to see they are affordable and made to fit a tiny frame. 


Whenever my children put on new clothing I almost want to cringe – waiting to her the famous lines like “Its too itchy” “The arms dont feel good” “Its going up my back”….and the sad truth of low quality clothing goes on and on.  With Pink Elephant Organics, as my daughter tried on and wore each outfit she was smiling. She begs to wear these outfits now and has requested the brand now by name.


you want high-quality, comfortable clothing for your kids. That’s what we provide. The best part is our comfort comes with a fashionable, organic twist. – Pink Elephant Website



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About Pink Elephant Organics

  • Free of Pesticides
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Honest Trade (no child labor)
  • Current Trends & Basic Essentials
  • Direct Online Sales – offers lower costs to consumers
  • Pure, high-quality and affordable

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Sizes ranging from Newborn to Little Girl size 7

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  1. I love their cute prints! I was checking out the site & am in love with all of the jungle-inspired designs.

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