Kids love snacks, am I right?!

My two year old asks for a snack about 37 times a day.


It is super vital, in our home, to have prepared snacks, ready to grab, at all times.

That’s why I’m loving WeeSprout and the re-usable food pouches they make. Keep reading to hear all about them and other products they offer.



WeeSprout is a family owned company that was created to keep our kids and planet healthy.

Using these reusable pouches means you’re using less waste – keeping the environment a little more clean. The WeeSprout products and packaging are made from recyclable materials; they truly use ‘green’ in every aspect of their business.


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The WeeSprout divided plates are the perfect addition to our home. I love using these plates for our two year old.

BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free. These are all materials we don’t want in the products we’re using; especially when eating off them.

Made of 100% food grade silicone, these FDA/LFGB certified plates are perfectly safe for children.

These plates come in a variety of bright, fun colors; all available in packs of three. I love bright colors, and our house is full of them, so these plates are the perfect addition to our kitchen!

The plates are so easy to clean, and can even go into the dishwasher. Not only that, but the plates are perfectly safe to in the microwave too!

I love that the plates nest together. Storage space is minimal because of how well they sit together; which is very important in our little house. Because of how well they stack they can stay super organized – this mama loves that feature!


Preparing healthy food just got a lot easier with these reusable food pouches. These pouches are not only reducing waste because of the reusable factor, but they are saving you money and giving you the option to give your child exactly what you want them to eat. We all want our kids to eat healthy, right? So these pouches truly allow you to be creative and fill them up with true, raw, natural ingredients.

WeeSprout makes it easy to fill the pouches with applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, baby food, fruit and/or veggie purees. Filling and cleaning the pouches is easy because of the extra wide zipper opening. I would recommend using a funnel to fill the pouches. I have found that it’s much easier and less messy doing it this way.

The bottom of the pouch has two zippers that close easily and are super strong. We haven’t had any leaking problems with these pouches. The duel zippers really do keep leaks at bay. We all know that this is a huge positive when giving kids food. Last thing we want is to find some fruit puree on the floor or in the car seat.

The rounded corners on the top of the pouches means there is no corners for food to get trapped in. When cleaning, water flows easily through the zipper opening and down out the spout – easy peezy! It is recommended that before putting the pouches on the top rack of the dishwasher you rinse them.

My favorite aspect of the pouches is that I can freeze them. This makes my life so much easier; it saves me a ton of time too! When filling my pouches I make a large batch of whatever I’m filling it with, and then freeze the extra pouches. Seriously such a lifesaver.

When thawing a pouch I recommend using the same method you would when warming up a baby bottle. Fill a bowl, cup, or container with hot water and place the pouch in the water until thawed. Warm the water in the microwave if needed. You can also hold the pouch under warm water until thawed to your desire.

These food pouches are perfect for children of all ages. There are three sizes of pouches offered: 3.4oz, 5oz, and 7oz. We have the 3.4oz. and 5oz. pouches and they are great for our two year old; I think the 7oz. would be too much for him.


The WeeSprout products are the perfect addition to your home. These reusable, eco-friendly products are easy to clean and make being in the kitchen with children more tolerable. The fun colors will bring your home brightness and the products are easy to stack and store.

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  1. I bought some of these WeeSprout pouches for my daughter about 2 years ago (she just turned 3). We still use them all the time for snacks on the go. I’ve also tried some silicone pouches, but she wasn’t able to squeeze them herself as easily. Love these!

  2. I have actually never heard of these before! After reading the review I came to the conclusion that when filling the pouches, weesprout could create a “pouch filler holder”, something similar to a napkin holder, to hold the pouch still so you don’t need two people the fill the pouch. I also think they could invent a measuring cup which is exactly the size of what is needed for the two pouch sizes. That way there is no spillage when filling the pouches! Otherwise, this is a great system! I love the silicone plates! 😀 I wonder if wee sprout has ever considered making these plates for disabled adults and children along with pouches for the elderly and disabled who have a difficult time eating solid foods!

  3. I love that the plates can go in the dishwasher and are in such bright colours

  4. These products would be wonderful for our 3 year old and baby on the way! I love that they are made all natural, and how the plates have separated food areas, also being so stackable! Our son loves applesauce and the pouches would be perfect, the ones available at grocery stores, premade are usually ridiculous expensive! Thank you for the introduction to the wee sprout! ☺

  5. I love these. Wish I knew about them sooner would have made my daughters food longer. Babh boy is on his way though.

  6. We have switched to a lot of reusable products this past year. We don’t have the reusable snack pouches and would love to add them to are new products for the kids.

  7. I love the divided plates for eating. My son right now likes to keep his food separated on his plate.

  8. I wish the divided plates came with lids so I could pop them in the refrigerator or microwave.

  9. I need some pouches to begin solids in the next month. So excited to find these.

  10. i have never thought to make my own pouches. i use those things all the time. seems like a great way to save some money. also i love the bright colors of the split plates!

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