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Your kids are only little for a little while. You want to make their childhood a memorable one. From going with the theme they’ve always wanted for their party, to finally getting round to checking out sites like to buy the toy cars your kids have always wanted, it is now time to make their birthday one to remember! We want to help you give them a party that is fun, creative, and unique. Party food will always go down a treat, especially when it’s full of sugar. You can also put on some child friendly music to get the party started. Whether it be the Balloon Song or Baby Shark, the kids will definitely start dancing away.

Art Party

Let your kids have fun and create art that they can take home. As the weather turns warm, more parents will throw outdoor parties. Have each child bring an old adult tee shirt to protect their clothes. Set up easels (or tables) and art paper. Give kids their own brush and paint board which you can place thick paint. Make sure the paint washes off with water. At the end of the party have an art show for their parents.

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Candy buffet

Candy buffets are easy to make, and everyone loves them. This is an indoor/outdoor birthday idea. Set up a table with a table cloth, cheap table runner and back drop. You can use poster boards, twinkling lights, balloons, or modern house flags for your back drop. It can be any theme you choose. Buy colorful candy from Sweet Services. Selections include sugar-free, fat-free, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and kosher. Don’t forget to buy chocolate.

Science theme

Kids love to learn. Birthday parties are a perfect opportunity to tech them. Give each child a paper plate to write their name on. Give them each a square of chocolate. Be sure to have notepads and pencils for them to record their data. Have half of the kids place the chocolate (on the plates) in the shade. The other half should place them in the sun. Watch and record the chocolate every ten minutes. How long does it take the chocolate to melt? How long to become a liquid? Let the children place their plates in the refrigerator until it cools enough to eat.

Tornado in a bottle

While you are waiting, for the chocolate to change, show the kids how to make a tornado in a bottle. Here is how:

  1. Fill a clear plastic bottle with water until it is about three quarters full.
  2. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Sprinkle in a few pinches of colored glitter so the tornados are easy to see.
  4. Put the cap on tightly.
  5. Turn the bottle upside down and hold it by the neck. Now spin the bottle in a circular motion for a few seconds. Stop spinning and look inside. You will see a mini tornado forming in the water.

Put on a show

It is very easy to help your little ones put on a show for the parents. All you need is a little room, music, and your imagination. This get’s even better if you can find a service like venue hire southampton, you can get a really nice size room, food, good audio all included, parking isn’t an issue, and you don’t have to worry about your best china being broken by roving little hands! You can teach them simple dance steps which they repeat or let them act out a play. As for costumes, there are a variety of options here.

Other themes

Here are a few other ideas for your unique party. You can find details online.

  • Vinegar volcano
  • Learn to make balloon animals with Balloon twisting tutorials
  • Vintage book theme (gather books from your local thrift store)
  • Indian village (use cardboard to make teepees and an adult supervised fire in a barbeque grill is great for roasting marshmallows

Use your creative abilities to make a party that shows things they are fond of. If your child is an animal lover, the invitation can include the guests to bring their pet. There is now right way or wrong way to have a party. Your child will never forget their birthday and neither will you.

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  1. These are great ideas! I always enjoyed planning great parties for my son and seeing the excitement on his face as he took in all the decorations, food, the cake. It’s such a special part of childhood.

  2. These sure are great ideas for a fun birthday party. I love the art theme getting kids to use their imagination and creativity. Nowadays what with smartphones and tablets I think it is important to show them how much fun “offline” activities can be.

  3. These are really great ideas my son’s birthday is coming up and I still have no idea what I will do.

  4. That dessert table is so cute! I have always loved multiple little desserts over a big cake! That is what we did at my wedding! 🙂

  5. i remember those tornadoes in a bottle. when i was younger my mom would do that to my brother and me. these are all wonderful ideas. thanks!

  6. simply wonderful. and, not only the children but also the adults are going to have huge fun from your idea. hats off.

  7. Yes, I have already gave one to my daughter. She enjoyed a lot. I think she will never ever forget that birthday.

  8. What great ideas! My youngest two are 4 and 5 next month within 4 days of each other so we do a joint party for them both. I can’t wait!

  9. I am a firm believer that people remember feelings more than items. I plan to give my daughter the best parties I can with a lot of fun, friends and love!

  10. I never thought of a science themed birthday party! I’d love to plan one of these, I like getting my kids to learn more than what they are taught in school! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow I love the ideas. I would suggest hear ideas to my parents friends for their kids

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