Kids get dirty, it’s just a part of life.

So, in the bath they go!

We have an almost two year old and he gets a bath nearly every night, so we use the tub a lot. In fact, we recently had to replace our old tub with a new one from Room to Rooms. We used it so much it had just started to look old and dirty no matter how hard I scrubbed it. We all love the new one and use it more than ever.

Filling up the tub night after night can get to be a lot. A lot of water means a lot of money.

Sometimes, this is money that we simply don’t have. We have been able to scrimp and save where we can, and haven’t quite fallen behind on payments yet, but this could soon happen and we need to be prepared for any eventuality. Ultimately, this means that we need to save in other areas of our life (which is going to be hard to do), or we need to start thinking of ways to improve our financial situation. In fact, our friends have recently told us about how they have decided to Startup Aktien kaufen, or buy startup stocks, because they needed the money and it worked. They now have the finances needed for emergencies, which is why I should think about doing the same too. I better ring her and ask her how she got started.

Whilst this a solution, it’s not ideal. We can’t be losing this much money just from filling up the tub and having a bath every day.

There’s got to be a better way, right?

Yes, there is!!

The BabyDam Bathtub Divider is the perfect solution! This bathtub divider allows you to [easily] section off a portion of your bathtub creating a smaller, safer, and more comfortable space for your little to bathe in.

Instillation is super easy with the BabyDam. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be all set! You can see more clearly the instructions HERE along with an instructions video.

This product is brand new and has only been on the market for 1 year.

Originally designed for European bathtubs, the BabyDam was redesigned and started distribution in February of last year.

The high quality materials that the BabyDam is made with are BPA free and safety tested; it’s eco-friendly!

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The BabyDam has been proven to save time, money, water, and energy. As you can see in the photo below, the BabyDam makes it so easy to save. With this example we see that using 100% of the tub uses roughly 30 gallons of water; but using 50% of the tub uses just 15 gallons of water. A clear cut picture of how easy it is to save!

This is seriously the coolest, smartest contraption for kids the bathroom.

I love that I can get right in the tub and clean my child on this level. Reaching and leaning over the the tub can really take a tole on your body, so just having to squat for a short time really makes a difference.

The BabyDam will last much longer and is more beneficial than a baby bath tub. The BabyDam will grow with your child. As they get older you can move the BabyDam further and further away from the faucet; giving them more room to bathe.

I love that the BabyDam is easy to store. The holes on the top give you the option to hang it from a hook; but you can tuck it away very easily because it is so slim. We have it tucked between the shower wall and towel rack – works just great.

There are a lot of sizes, shapes, and textures of bathtubs; the BabyDam is not compatible with all of them. Use this quick and easy guide to decide whether the BabyDam is right for your tub.

You can even click HERE to watch a short video explaining how to determine if your tub is compatible for the BabyDam.

Seriously people, go and check out the BabyDam. This small invention makes such a large difference in more than one aspect – water, energy, heat, money. You will not be disappointed after getting a BabyDam!

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  1. I absolutely love this. So glad you posted a review or I still wouldn’t know they existed. Kids are always asking for more water in the tub and I love the savings this will bring.

  2. I love this. Use just the water you need. and you can use it until the child just doesn’t need it anymore

  3. I love this but most new tubs have the slip resistant bottom. I don’t think it would fit any of our tubs. Wish it would!

  4. That’s a great idea! I wonder if some time down the line, they will add different shapes to fit all tubs.

  5. Love this. Moving to a new house and would love this. Would not work in our current tub but will Work in new ! Must be a sign I found this giveaway ?

  6. This is so nice. I love all the water it saves. I am sure baby will feel more secure in this smaller area. Thank you so much for sharing this. Great gift idea

  7. such a great idea.. love that you can take a bath and save water at the same time.

  8. I know safety is obviously the most important aspect – but I have to admit, I’ve got a love of saving money too…..and this does that!


  10. The products they come up with..This is great and would be great for my granddaughter

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