Outdoor toy season is going to be here before you know it!

What about a toy you can use inside and outside?

The Original PlasmaCar is a just that  –  an inside AND outside toy.


The Original PlasmaCar is a ride-on toy that does not have pedals, gears or a motor.  Instead the rider uses their body to wiggle their way around.

By using their own natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction, and the PlasmaCar is naturally kid powered!



It is not recommended to use a PlasmaCar on wooden floors – as they can leave marks behind. MamatheFox’s floors have seen better days, that is why you can see this sweet PlasmaCar in action on my hardwood floors.


With 7 color options available, you can be sure to find the one perfect for the kids in your life.  When you have several kids, you know that while sharing is caring, it is also hard. If you want, you can purchase a PlasmaCar for each kid in their own color, so they can play together in a healthy and fun way.


Available now though Amazon (it’s Prime!)


There are so many wonderful features to the Original PlasmaCar. One of the best is the weight threshold can go up to 220 lbs! A grown mom and dad can easily play on the PlasmaCar too. Try it out and see the amusement, laughs and smiles that will surely be on your children’s faces.

It is ideal for children at least ages 3 and up. This is so they can figure out how to properly use and ride it. Having to use their body movements to get it goes and rolling takes some skill and body weight. When a child is 3 they are typically old enough, and large enough, to get their PlasmaCar going.



When putting together a PlasmaCar you have to pay attention to putting the steering wheel on. If you do not put it on the right direct AND if it is not tight enough, it will not work – and your kids will be sad and mad! I messed up putting the steering wheel on the first time by not tightening the bolt properly/tight enough. After stopping the tears I popped the yellow cap off (with a flat head screwdriver), adjusted the wheel to be on properly and tightened that bolt like crazy. It now works perfectly.





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  1. The first thing I noticed was it was on wooden floors. Haha Didn’t think it would be recommended. Hard to believe the weight these will hold.

  2. My daughters want one of these so badly! We saw it given as a birthday gift at a birthday party for one of their friends, and it was the hottest present! All the kids wanted to ride on it!

  3. As a kid, I think I’d have preferred a Big Wheel. But that’s just me. And if my mom caught me riding any bike on any indoor flooring of any kind, she’d have neutered me. Figuratively and literally.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the steering wheel – no one wants to spend time putting something together and then not have it perform!

  5. This looks like a fun ride for young ones indoors or outdoors. There would be no problem with putting this together, because my grandkids are experts at taking things apart and then putting them back together!

  6. I really appreciate the heads up about hardwood floors! I wouldn’t have considered that until it was too late. Lol. You have provided tons of information about this item that is necessary for someone like me to know. Especially the details about putting on the steering wheel. I’m usually good at putting stuff together until the end when I’m just too tired. Thanks again!

  7. WOW weight threshold 220 lbs . Mom and dad can ride on a PlasmaCar I love thats its a kid power toy no batteries needed.

  8. These are so cute. I know my grandchildren would love one. It sounds like a bit of exercise for the rider also. It is great that it will hold over two hundred pounds. Thank you for sharing this great toy

  9. Love this!! I know it will hold up to 220 lbs, but it’s still child size. I’d love to see one in adult size! LOL!! We could all go ride in the park together!

  10. This looks like so much fun in the house and out in the park! We are always looking for fun new ideas to spend family time together.

  11. She is adorable and looks like she is loving this. I think our grandson would love to have one too!

  12. You have a Beautiful Daughter & She sure looks like she is having Great time on her PlasmaCar. I have 8 Great Grandchildren and I know they would all love one of these. Like you said Different colors so they can still have fun. Lol! I like that they use their own Body for the riding power. Thank You for this awesome review..

  13. I’m impressed that the weight limit is so high on this! I could definitely see my hubby trying this out… not just my kids! Lol I love the colors it comes in too! Looks like a great ride on.

  14. My niece would have to put this together her husband has no talent in assemble of anything. My little great niece would love this

  15. I’m thinking my kiddo would love this. He’s a bit intimidated by the Big Kid bike and I know he would love this because it is low to the ground. I love it for all the physical activity he would get

  16. I love this thing for my 4 year old as he loves outdoors so much but something to keep him home too. It’s nicr and easy to maintain as well as I like that it’s easy to use and kids would love it.

  17. Have 5 kids ages 2 – 11 and I think they would all love this thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience

  18. How fun! We have a granddaughter that would love to be riding around on this PlasmaCar.

  19. The first thing I noticed was that this amazing Plasmacar can hold up to 220 pounds. I just had my baby boy and this will be a great gift for him. Even Daddy can ride on it and have so much fun.

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