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Do You Wish to Hold Your Pet Forever?

Are you a pet lover?

Do you have a pet who has passed away…one you miss so very much? Perhaps you lost your pet prematurely to an accident and you can’t forgive yourself for it. Maybe your furry friend became ill and you took them to a vet like the vetco clinics as soon as you could, but it was too late. Perhaps you lost your pet due to old age and there was no foul play or illness involved, still it’s hitting you like a brick wall even now. Whatever the circumstances, there is a way you can hold onto your pet forever with Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones is a unique and amazing company that can take images of your pet and recreate them into a stuffed animal. Their realistic creations will turn heads and drop jaws.

My one cat, Van (AKA Fat Van) was made into a stuffed animal – a Cuddle Clone! I was shocked at how truly realistic the Cuddle Clone is. My kids carry our Cuddle Clone around all the time, as the real Fat Van is way too heavy for them to manage carrying safely.

Although no one likes to think too much about their marvellous moggy no longer being around, a Cuddle Clone is a great way to remember your pet once they pass on to the next life. One of our neighbours had a scare a couple of months ago when she noticed her old cat had a swollen cat lip.

After a visit to the vets, it turned out to be nothing too serious and that her cat had probably just been stung by an insect or something. Not that it wasn’t a stressful time, and they actually spent a while trying to find something that could help ease their cat’s pain afterward. A friend of theirs recommended looking into trying these Pet Sticks that have a really great calming effect on animals and I think they actually helped. Anyway, I digress, but if things had not turned out so great, a Cuddle Clone would have been a cute way to celebrate the life of her cat, don’t you think?

It goes without saying that people love their pets and want them to live happily for as long as they can, and most pet owners would go to any length to keep their pets healthy. From regular visits to the vet to using all possible remedies for ailments that might include natural, full-spectrum ones like cbd for cat pancreatitis, pet owners treat their pets like their own babies. While that’s totally natural (admit it, we all love our pets way more than we love any human), pets usually have shorter lifespans than we do, and when it’s time for them to go, we should respect that and let them go. Their memories, however? We don’t have to let those go just as yet.

As I walk by the Cuddle Clone laying on the couch, floor, or kids bed, I literally have taken double takes thinking it was our real, living pet! I would think “why is she laying on that toy?” or “She is typically sleeping under my bed at this time of day…” Then I turn to fully look at our Cuddle Clone and see that it, in fact, not the real cat.

When you order a Cuddle Clone you are not just buying another stuffed animal, but a cherished memory. Our pets will not last forever, just as we wont either. We miss them terribly and wish we could love on them for years longer. With Cuddle Clone, you can keep holding your pet, as a Cuddle Clone, for years after their passing.

Using special machines and new technology, along with amble photos which you provide, Cuddle Clones can make a clone that looks almost exactly like your pet. They ask for multiple photos from many angles. Like tail, front, left side, right side, coloring close up, belly… But don’t fear if you do not have all those angles in photographs of a pet that has since passed away. You can provide the photos you have give the details you can remember about your pet and Cuddle Clones will work their magic and try their best to make the best version they can of your pet.

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By also providing additional information like their approximate weight, eye color, whether you would like the Cuddle Clone to have whiskers and how you would like your Cuddle Clone to be positioned, you can help them make the Clone as realistic as possible.

Cuddle Clones can be: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Large Birds, Donkeys, Cows, Deer, Goats, Monkeys, Pigs, Reptiles, Sheep, Spiders, Small Birds, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Fish, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Micro Pigs, Rabbits, Rats

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Check out Cuddle Clones and see what all the hype is about. Gift a gift card to someone this year to so they can hold their pet forever.

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