Having a new baby in the house means a lot of ‘newness’; new clothes, new toys, new adjustments. That’s what we’re going through in our home right now. Baby number two is causing us to adjust a lot – but what new baby doesn’t?! We’re still swooning over him and teaching our 18 month old how to be gentle. Let me tell ya, there’s never a dull moment!


I have some hesitations when it comes to health and safety. I want to keep baby healthy while his little body is growing and building up its immunity! Keeping chemicals and dirtiness at bay is quite the struggle. I’m constantly washing toys and cleaning the floor. I even wash brand new toys. Is that weird?That is why I am swooning over the Finn + Emma play gym that we have. I am 100% confident pulling out the play gym and having baby near it (and soon chewing on it). It is super stylish, so it looks great in anyones home; and most importantly it is made with natural and organic materials.


::About Finn + Emma::

Finn + Emma is a brand that we, here at MamatheFox, have grown to know and love. Their products are beautiful, so unique, and 100% safe for kiddos. Stylish, sustainable, and whimsical are words that you  could use to describe their brand.

Finn + Emma strives to make homes (and the things in them) safe. With products that include clothing, blankets, headbands, play gyms, and more; you will for sure find something of theirs that catches your eye.

This brand really lives out the sustainable, no chemical life. They replace chemicals and unsafe materials with 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dies, and all natural wood – that is music to any mamas ears!

The wooden toys are made from untreated Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax then filled with little beans. While their hand-knit toys are made with G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton yarn and wool stuffing. The rattle inside is even phthalate-free!

All the garments and accessories sold by Finn + Emma are produced in fair trade settings. These settings focus on social and economic independence for local people who are working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment. Buying fair trade is a great way for us to reduce poverty through everyday shopping!

Finn + Emma’s quest:

“To live happily and organically ever after”


Upon arrival of the Finn + Emma play gym I was so, so excited. We received it before I even had baby 2.0 but that did not stop me from taking it out of the box right then and there. I just couldn’t wait to see it!

I put this play gym together in about ten minutes. It is really easy to figure out and totally doable with one person. There is not a lot of pieces and the directions are very straight forward. My 18 month old son really wanted to help, so don’t be afraid to have your kiddo help you out; they’ll love it!


The play gym is seriously so stylish. I don’t feel like I need to put it away or hide it when company comes over because it actually looks good. The neutral colors and tones make it appealing in any room. I like how the play gym doesn’t come with loud, musical toys nor bright colors or crazy patterns. Although I like those features for my kiddos to learn, I don’t necessarily like them in my living room all the time. This play gym really is the perfect toy to keep out in the open – you almost WANT people to see it.

This play gym is very versatile too. Included with it is four different rattle/teether toys, these are great because you can attach them to the gym or take them off and let baby play with them independently. The two wooden toys are teethers and are perfect for an older child getting some chompers. The two cloth/knit toys are rattlers, they work great while on the go. Take them in the car with you or pull them out while grocery shopping!

Seriously adorable.


I love how the play gym is a grow-with-me toy. Unlike most traditional play gyms, it can easily be used once baby is able to sit up; the lifespan of it just increased! The legs of the play gym are adjustable so you can increase (or decrease) the height based on baby’s age.

I’m all about toys that have multiple purposes and uses – this one defiantly meets those standards.



The play gym is really easy to store too. With our first child we had a traditional play gym that was “collapsable” but still was hard to store. You couldn’t get to it easily because it needed taken out from wherever it was kept and then to be put together. I keep my Finn + Emma play gym right up against our couch so it’s easily accessible but also out of the way when we’re not using it.



Our Finn + Emma play gym allows me to worry less and my kiddo to play more. The natural and organic materials gives me assurance that my baby (and yours too!) is safe and kept away from dangerous plastics and man made materials.

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