Fathers Day is almost here, and creative ideas always a top runner for gifts. While some people prefer to buy their dad the latest tech, such as this Mini 2 drone, or a box of his favourite chocolates, there’s something about personalised gifts that just a little bit more special. Popular gifts consist of picture frames with a family photo or perhaps a keychain with your photo inside of it. Personalized gifts are often the most popular as they’re something a father can cherish forever and look back on in the years to come. There are also gifts that can be useful to him in his everyday life, such as a custom photo wallet, a useful gift that allows him to keep his family close!

This year give him the gift that he will cherish for a lifetime, an etched reflection from Stamp the Moment. Stamp the Moment has pre-made and custom options to give the guy in your life the perfect Fathers Day gift.

Etched Reflections are customs pieces which you can have stamped on a necklace or key chain. With tons of styles and shapes, there is guaranteed to be a perfect shape for your piece. This Fathers Day I decided to have my daughters first self portrait she drew over a year ago made into a key chain for my husband. He has always loved this piece of artwork she drew, and I knew he is going to flip when he see’s it this Fathers Day. Here’s to hoping I get something like this but in a custom needlepoint design or something similar for Mothers Day! Memories made into custom-designed accessories are always very heartwarming and sentimental!

Popular things people have etched on their pendant are:

  • Drawings/Doodles
  • Portraits
  • Fingerprints
  • Signatures
  • Logos/Groups
  • Pets
  • Events
  • Sound Waves (heartbeat/voicemail from loved one)

A hugely popular idea for Fathers Day is a dog tag necklace. These necklaces are not only manly, but personal too. This makes them the perfect gift for any man in your life. If the man in your life is not into wearing necklaces, then I would suggest the key chain, which is what we had made for my husband.

If you don’t have a drawling or particular image in mind, but love the idea of Stamp the Moment, you should check out their line of stamped jewelry. It is packed with awesome gifts (and not just for dad)!

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Here is the drawling my daughter drew (her first self portrait) and the key chain

Comes with a nice bag to present as a gift

Has the option to customize the back (we made a word doc file, then used that as the image for the back)

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  1. Oh my, I absolutely LOVE these and actually want one for myself, my mom and my grandma! Checking out their website, these may be Christmas presents this year!

  2. Wow this is awesome my kids are always coloring drawings for me i know i would love a keepsake like this

  3. looks like these days with computers you can virtually have anything sketched on a keepsake so you can cherish any memories the item holds very nice

  4. This is great. What can be put on a pendant is endless. A great way to forever cherish moments!

  5. Love the customization – you see a lot of stamped jewelry nowadays but this is unique

  6. fantastic! wish I had seen these earlier. I love the child’s are on a piece and the thumb print for me!

  7. They have many nice lockets which I love. Second best is their beach bracelets.

  8. I love love love this! I cherish all my daughter does and to capture drawings like this is wonderful. And I love the keychain!

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