My kids love to dress up. Princesses, sword waving pirates, galactic warriors and fairies, all of them are in top play here in the Fox house. No
matter that day of the week, we end up putting on at least one dress up outfit. After trying so many brands so have established our favorite – Little Adventures Dress Up’s.

Little Adventures makes the highest quality dress up clothing for boys and girls. My favorite feature is that their dress up outfits are machine washable, which is key to any wardrobe purchase. Kids are messy. They go through potty training, and the accidents that coincide with potty training. Kids want to eat their dinner and will refuse to take off their dress up clothes. All of Little Adventures dress up outfits can be washed in your residential washing machines – just read the tag to see what the individual garment recommends.

My daughter always loves her Little Adventure dress up clothing because they are comfortable. Many time rough lace and detailing are used in play clothing that end up scratching and irritating the child’s skin. Occasionally she wants to wear an undershirt with a dress to feel more grown up (as she does in the photos shown in this article), but no undershirts are needed with Little Adventure outfits.

Little Adventurers offers:

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My kids are in love with Star Wars and all things galactic! Little Adventures has the best galactic warrior dress up outfits. They are perfect for boys and girls alike. These unisex dress up outfits make any adventure come to life. Whether your kid wants to be the good guy or the villain Little Adventures made these outfits perfect in every way. They are also machine washable (read instructions on the label) and the foam belt is adjustable so that as your child grows, their outfit can too. These galactic warrior costumes come in sizes Small (ages 1-3 years), Medium (ages 3-5 years), Large (ages 5-7 years) and Extra Large (ages 7-9 years).


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  1. these are amazing dress up outfits. Love the level of detail on the outfits and that they let the kids still move around and play easily

  2. These look adorable and definitely bonus points for being machine washable. I can’t wait for my son to get into playing pretend and dressing up. Maybe Halloween this year will spark an interest.

  3. I love these costumes they are so cute. My kids would love dressing up in these.

  4. My nieces love to play dress up and would have so much fun with these nice items. I’d love to get some for their birthdays.

  5. These costumes look so detailed!! I want a costume for myself, but my baby boy would look too cute in some of these.

  6. Wow, I love that Jedi (er, “galactic warrior”) robe and I know my nieces and nephews would, too.

  7. I love that they define dress up for boys too. Even if I had a girl (mother of sons) I respect non-princess options for kids.

  8. My grandson has so many characters he loves and wants to be like. With an outfit from here his dream can come true.

  9. My youngest grandson loves to dress up and has quite the imagination. I love that he has such a fun time. Better than watching cartoons for hours!!!!

  10. So much fun! I made my brothers play dress up with me but we never had anything this fancy.

  11. They have a large selection of dress-up clothes and at very reasonable prices. It’s a big plus that they’re machine washable. I love the Satin Snow White and the Deluxe Cinderella 2017 dresses. My 2 granddaughters (sisters) love to pretend to be characters and the younger one would love the Galactic Warrior look too.

  12. Their costumes are so authentic looking. I would love to get my great granddaughters one each.

  13. I love the amazing quality and selection of their costumes!! They really go above and beyond to make something that will last for years!!

  14. What cool costumes! Our three year old daughter loves playing dress up and I notice most of the costumes are just not well made. I love the quality and detail on these so much!

  15. One of the complaints the kids had was about the scratchy material their costumes had. So I am happy to hear that that issue has been addressed!! I am also glad to hear that these play outfits are machine washable!! I don’t know that many children that can stay clean more than a half an hour, if even that! I have to admit that they have some awesome looking play outfits!
    Thanks for sharing! These clothes can help make some great childhood memories!

  16. I used to play dress up so often as a child. I always dreamed of having a princess dress. We would create a look out of what we had in the trunk. That was part of the fun, but I still wanted one! I love all their choices, and they look well made.

  17. My daughter would love so many things from here, and I love that these are easy to clean and care for. Bookmarked!

  18. Thank you for showing the difference between this brand of kids’ play clothing vs what one might pick up elsewhere – scratchy materials, not machine washable without being destroyed, etc. I get frustrated with play outfits that are ruined so easily.

  19. The costumes look like they are well made. I would love to get one for my daughter.

  20. These dress up outfits for little kids are just adorable! My grandniece would be thrilled to have an assortment of these cute little dresses & outfits to play in. She already thinks she’s a princess!

  21. I love this! I remember playing dress up as a little kid and my 4 year old son loves to play too! These would be so much fun for him!

  22. This is so super cute! My oldest likes Star Wars and my youngest loves everything princess! We have 1 little adventures dress right now and it’s quality is so much better than the other dress up clothes my kids have. I would love to add to their dress up collection!!

  23. I like that the costumes look well made and Little Adventures has a lot of variety for girls and boys.

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