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The Baby Cubby website is truly the best of everything baby. Their name is created just as it should be. Cubby – a special place where we keep all of our favorite things. They say that now that we’re parents our life is our cubby – we keep all our favorite things with us. Their mission: TO CREATE INNOVATIVE, CONVENIENT, AND FUN SHOPPING EXPERIENCES FOR PARENTS. The Baby Cubby does all the hard work for us. They spend hours researching to find the best baby products out their for us – their customers. They go through all the latest kids learning songs on YT, and other resources, to see exactly what the kids are loving so they can provide the best toys for your toddlers. When going to their website you will find that their selection is not huge, but it is all the best. They find the best products on the market so you don’t have to; the time and research they put into their website for their customers allows us to focus on the things that really matter – our families, our lives, our cubby’s. They really take care of their customers. They even make sure their website is clear for everyone to read, ensuring that each customer is able to have a good experience with the products and the website itself. Even though they already have amazing customer service, they could always consider reading more about user experience at https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/customer/ux-research/. They are always looking to improve their website to make sure it’s even better for customers, so it’s likely that they will incorporate new ideas soon.

The Baby Cubby carries all sorts of products that are needed for baby. From cribs to clothes, you can be prepared with the best products on the market. Their website offers many articles, guides, and a blog to help decide which products are best for you and baby. The Baby Cubby has a gift registry option on their site allowing easy access for new moms and shoppers. Below you will find a short list of toddler toys that would be perfect to put on any baby registry.

Top Toddler Toys:

Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle – Forest Babies

These puzzles are adorable and are perfect for kids. They are a grow with set that comes with a 3, 4, 5, and 6 piece puzzle. As your child grows, they can move up to the larger puzzles. The puzzles are roughly 2×3″ each and come with a slide box for quick, easy clean up! Each puzzle is made with 80% recycled content and printed with vegetable based inks.

Tegu 8-Piece Pocket Pouch

This magnetic block set will keep your child’s hands busy with all the endless opportunities they can create. We love the bright, fun colors this set has to offer. These blocks are safe for toddlers and are non-toxic, so you can be worry free! Each set comes with a pouch carry case, four cubes, and four short planks. The small, compact size is perfect to place in your purse for use at a restaurant, your desk, or on an airplane. More color options are available.

PlanToys-Dancing Alligator

This dancing alligator is adorable and will provide your child with endless entertainment. Your child can pull it by the long, durable rope and watch it walk; or dance rather. As the pull the alligator they will also hear the clickity-clacking sound it makes. The bright, fun colors are super fun and very eye catching. With the sustainable materials it’s made from the alligator is sure to last through many children. PlaneToys creates other wooden toys including: a puppy, snail, dinosaurs, and more!

Oball 4″ Classic Toy

These little balls are the perfect toy for toddlers. With 32 finger holes in each ball, they are super easy to grip and pick up. Each ball will vary in color, but they are all fun and vibrant and will attract little eyes. They are squishy and light and are the perfect starter ball for baby. All Oball’s are free from BPA, PVC, latex and phthalates, so you can feel confident letting baby play with them. Oball also creates rattle balls that keep kids busy and entertained.

EZPZ Mini Mat

Although this is not a toy, these EZPZ mats are perfect for toddlers. The mats have a suction feature that allow them to ‘suck’ to many surfaces in a way that your child will not be able to separate. Made with silicone, the mat is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe and is built to last. Silicone is very flexible and bendable and it doesn’t corrode, fade, or deteriorate. Take these mini mats on the go for dinners out or for travel. Clean up is such a breeze, get one and see for yourself!

Skip Hop ZOO Pack – Little Kid Backpacks

These Skip Hop backpacks are the absolute perfect accessory for your little one. The backpack features a large main compartment that zips shut, a small pouch in front that is insulated, and a bottle pocket on the side. With fun characters available for boys and girls alike, your child will love his backpack buddy! Choose from the adorable hedgehog (pictured to the left), green chameleon, pink pig, grey raccoon, or blue unicorn.

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