Squeasy Gear started when food pouches were all the rage. Food pouches are a great, fun way to get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies. But they create so much waste and can be so costly. Back in 2011 there was nothing on the market like Squeasy Gear, that’s when the Wilson’s decided to design their dream feeding container. The Squeasy Gear products are completely reusable, saving money and saving unnecessary waste.

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Don’t get me wrong the convenience of store bought pouches are appealing but what is really in them? I never gave this a second thought until there was a massive recall on so many brands of pouches for mold and expired foods. That did it for me, I was going to make my own. If I was going to make my own purees I didn’t want to use disposable pouches. There is nothing I hate more than throwing away money. That’s when I found Squeasy Snackers. What I didn’t know before I tried the Squeasy Snacker is that I can use it for so much more than purees. Squeasy Snackers are my new go to sippy cup for my daughter because not only is it easier to clean, there are no leaks and no spills.

If you have given your child a store bought pouch I am sure you have experienced them squeezing it and causing a huge mess. That will not happen with Squeasy Snackers because of their no spill insert. I have fully tested this out, squeeze it, flip it upside down, no leaks, no drips, no mess! I know there are many sippy cups on the market that advertising no leaks, but I find if you don’t get all the pieces just right, they leak.

As easy as the Squeasy Snacker is to use, it is just as easy to clean. All the pieces come apart making cleaning simple. The silicone body even turns inside out. It is dishwasher safe on the top rack, although we always hand wash since we use them so often.

The body of the Squeasy Snacker is made of 100% food-grade silicone and is very easy for little hands to keep a hold of it. The bottle stands on its own which is so helpful when filling it. The wide opening is flexible which is nice for spooning puree in or for trying to fit frozen ice cube purees. The Squeasy itself has ounce markers on the side making it easy to keep track of how much your child is drinking. The Squeasy Snacker comes in 3.5oz and 6oz and the Squeasy Sport is 16oz.

Squeasy Snackers makes packing lunches fast and simple. They even make planning ahead easy since the Squeasy Snacker is freezer safe. Easy Feeding on the go!

I know I mentioned how much I love the Squeasy Snacker for purees and for drinks but they also work amazingly for smoothies, applesauce and yogurt.  Check out some of the recipes on Squeasy Gears Blog. I have even included a few of my favorite recipes below.



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  1. I love that these are strong and yet soft enough for little ones to hold onto.

  2. I love that it comes completely apart for easy cleaning!! So perfect for eating healthy on the go!!

  3. These are so nice & just the right size for taking on the go. I saw it mentioned where they would be good for parents whose kids had feeding tubes. They would also be good for the elderly who might have feeding tubes also, less messy than using syringes.

  4. The 16 oz would be great for my toddler son, while the smallest one I would get to start my daughter on pureed foods (she’s only one month old right now so we have a little while yet)!

  5. My favorite feature of the Squeasy Snacker is the fact that the bottle stands on its own, making it easy to fill it. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  6. we used to use the pouches alot, but really liking the silicone kind. looking for where to find squeazy gear.

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