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Nested Bean Zen Review



Touch is a very important aspect of a baby’s life; especially in the very early days. The soft gentle touch of a parent is sometimes the only thing that will get baby to stop crying. Some babies like the loving touch a parent gives a little too much. They won’t sleep unless they feel the pressure of a parents hand on their chest. Baby’s need soothing; that’s where Nested Bean comes in. Their zen sleep sacks and swaddles are the perfect solution to get baby to sleep without the palm of your hand.


Nested Bean was created by a mom who spent many long nights holding her baby in order for him to sleep. Her son struggled to sleep without touch or pressure on his chest. Then she placed a soft beanie baby on the chest of her son and he slept independently. That’s when the Zen products started to form. The chest pressure was tested by researchers and psycho-phisiologists and found that no matter what causes the pressure our skin responds the same way. Even light pressure is used in hospitals for premature babies – the stimulated touch is soothing and eases sleep. Zen sacks and swaddles are safe, medically backed and super cute. Your baby will love to sleep in their Zen; you’ll love it too!


Upon receiving the Zen swaddle and sack I was interested to know what the weighted chest pad was going to be like. I didn’t know how heavy it would be or what it would feel like. To be honest I thought it was going to feel like a bag of sand; not very comfortable to have on baby’s chest. Much to my surprise the weighted pad is very light weight and actually feels soothing just when I hold it. I’m also comforted to know that the Zen products are toxin free so I don’t have any worries when putting my son in them.


Zen Swaddle


The shoulder snaps are a great aspect of the Zen sleep sack. I love that the snaps are adjustable, the sack will fit my baby for much longer. As he grows I can lower the snaps to a different position allowing for a larger fit. Babies grow very quickly so with this snap feature I have one less thing I have to buy a larger size of – yay for saving money! You can even use the sleep sack when baby starts rolling and sleeping on their tummy. Just put the sack on backwards and place them on their belly!


I really like the zipper on the sleep sack too. It is super easy to zip and just glides right along. The sack has a double zipper giving you the option to zip and unzip from the top/side or the bottom. I love this because I can keep my baby cozy if I need to change his diaper. I say top/side because this zipper is different than most sleep sack zippers. This one zips around the side and bottom of the sack, not right down the middle. The weighted pad is on the baby’s chest where the zipper would normally be.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-07-29-pmYou can see in the picture the zipper line goes down the right side, around the curve, across the bottom, and up the left side just a bit. On the left side where the zipper stops there is a fabric snap to cover the zipper up.

This particular sleep sack is one of Nested Bean’s premier sleep sacks. These are made from 70% bamboo and 30% cottonimg_0034 – seriously so soft. The material is also moisture wicking which is great during the summer. They also offer a classic swaddle and sack which is made of 100% cotton. The classic is great for year round comfort. For the winter months I recommend the winter sleep sack (not offered for swaddles). This sack is also 100% cotton but it is much thicker so baby stays ultra cozy. Each of these materials are quality made and will keep baby warm and well rested.

Their prints are absolutely adorable. With options for boys and girls you are sure to find one that you love. They even have gender neutral prints for those who don’t know what they’re having yet. The print in the photos above is Starry Safari – a cream, gender neutral print with giraffes on it.


Zen Swaddle


The Nested Bean Zen swaddle is an awesome product for a baby. Not only is there a weighted pad on the chest, but there are also weighted pads on either side of the swaddle so baby can feel completely wrapped and held while wearing it. The velcro to wrap and secure baby is on the back side of the swaddle which is different than most. This is great because you are able to get the swaddle tight around their arms – the one place that needs to be snug. You literally wrap baby up like a burrito!

I also really like how they created the swaddle to last even longer with the two-in-one design. Use the smaller pocket when baby is tiny and fresh, then start to use the larger pocket as they grow out of the small one. Such a genius idea! Below is an image showing how to swaddle – in step one you see the smaller pocket with the larger pocket “hanging” in step two you can see the larger pocket around the baby.



Nested Bean also offers gift bundles. These are the perfect for a new mom or a pregnant-soon to be mom. Their ‘Find Your Zen’ gift set is great to give a mama who needs some relaxation. The set comes with a Zen swaddle or sack for baby, a scented pressure pillow and 4 ounces of shea-cocoa butter for mom. They have a ‘Welcome Home’ gift set as well that comes with an adorable wood and silicone teether, an artisan cap, and a Zen swaddle. Baby will be taken care of with this bundle! Give a great gift or buy one for yourself.


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The Nested Bean Zen products really are awesome. Soft to the touch, easy to use, and so cute – you’ll love that your baby can find their Zen.

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