Does your family love LEGO’s? We are obsessed with them at my house. We play with Duplo’s and LEGO’s literally every day. My son, who is only 2.5, wants to be a big kid and play with the standard LEGO’s but my husband and I have not broken down to buy the tiny pieces yet. We are trying to stick with Duplo’s (which are easier to clean up and for tiny hands to use) for now. Our local library has a monthly LEGO play date. They provide buckets of LEGO’s for us to play with and make our very own creations with. My kids love playing with all the tiny pieces, figuring out how they connect and learning though their play. They watch the older kids and see how they design their creations and try to copy how they click and piece them together. I am a huge advocate for using LEGO’s as a learning toy. Allowing them to play without a screen, using their minds and hands, its such a healthy way to play. Little engineers in the making.


The Foxes were blessed with the chance to attend LEGO KidsFest when it traveled to Cleveland, Ohio. We were amazed at the huge set up and all the play places that were set up. Some of the stations set up were:

  • LEGO Build Areas
  • LEGO Model Museum
  • Race Ramps
  • Creation Nation
  • Challenge Zoe
  • LEGO Friends
  • Create Your Own Fairy Tale
  • LEGO Retail Store
  • DK Reading Zone
  • Mixels Station
  • Star Wars Station
  • Big Brick Pile
  • and much more!


My kids and I went to every station, and some we stayed at longer than others. We loved the Big Brick Pile so much. They were able to roll around and bury themselves in LEGO’s like you would at the beach with sand. It was so fun to watch. The Mixels Station was a fun part too. My kids love this station because there are eyeball pieces to make your own monster creation. My daughter loved the Disney section and the Friends section. Seeing all the pink and purple bricks and how to make beautiful houses. But when you first walk in you are greeted by TONS of huge, and I mean huge, models of heroes and famous characters that you can take your photos with. These pieces all travel in their own custom crate and cost many bucks (some the cost of a mid size car)! There were also many huge, flashy digital signs showcasing the latest developments in LEGO world, no doubt to entice both children and adults alike. The whole set-up probably involved vast amounts of collaborative effort from companies like Platon Graphics ( and others to make the space and the event as successful as it was. It was a privilege to see and experience this years LEGO KidsFest. When this event comes to your town buy your tickets fast, because they sell out fast and ware worth every penny. Your kids will have LEGO dreams for weeks.



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  1. How fun!! My kids would absolutely love going to this event, they love Legos and all of the characters! Thanks for sharing.

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