I have been wearing glasses for more than half my life. I like my frames and the fun styles I can wear. The attitude and personality I can achieve from frames, along with the comfort I find in them, are why I choose to keep with frames over contacts. I wear them everyday from morning, noon to night. One things I have always wanted was a pair of prescription sunglasses. Being in my 30’s and with my style I just don’t feel like transitional lens are for me (they kind that automatically becomes tinted in bright lights). I have tried wearing oversize sunglasses over top of my prescription glasses and my husband hates it. He thinks I am being ridiculous. I thought I was being crafty… :-p So I have been grinning and bearing it….until now!

I found out about GlassesUSA.com recently and did some additional research. I know loads of people who buy their glasses online. I just never thought about doing it myself. But then I saw the amazing selection of frames – including brands like Ray-Bans, Oakley, Armani Exchange, DKNY and many more. This was a legit website with real brands and styles that appeal to me, the everyday mom. The website is laid out in a very easy to navigate manner. Allowing you to click between brands, styles, shapes and price points easily. However if you’re wanting peace of mind and don’t want to have to wait until your glasses come to see if they’re right for you, you can see if your health insurance policy covers optical correction and get your glasses made perfectly for YOU.

GlassesUSA has been making glasses for consumers since 2008. They feature a huge lab with state-of-the-art equipment to get us the highest quality glasses we desire. If customer service is something you consider in making purchases you will be pleased to hear that they respond to emails within 24 hours and phone calls within 10 seconds! They love their customers and know that without them they wouldn’t have a job! Making the customer happy is of utmost importance. Because of this attitude they really stand out in the online glasses community.

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If you have Vision Insurance, they are on the ball with providers and how to work with them. Getting you the prices and coverage benefits from your plan. If you are not sure how to order glasses, they have Virtual Optician’s that can help you make the right choices on selecting your glasses.

Trying on the frames is the most fun part about shopping with GlassesUSA. You can take a photo with your webcam, upload a photo from your computer or even grab one from your Facebook! After you choose you picture you line up your eyes and save the image. You can them try on countless frames to see which look best on your face. I love being able to see what I will look like in a future pair of glasses. It makes the online shopping experience for satisfying, knowing that I will get a pair that really will look nice on my face.



Here is the Amelia E. Eleonore in real life – you can clearly see how great the “try it on” feature works!

Here is my other pair, the Jasmine



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  1. Omgosh how fun!! I love that you can try them on online!! Too cool!! It was super close too!! I love them in person!! They fit you fantastically!!

  2. Literally in the market for new glasses as I read this and had never heard of this website until now, love that you can virtually try them on! I know what I’m doing today. 🙂

  3. I love this! I have to wear glasses but I hate how the ones in the store look on me. This would be great.

  4. I know my prescription needs updating, but it’s the kind of errand that gets put on the back burner with two babies. This is a lifesaver!

  5. Glasses USA is a great and easy site to order from. I used it to order a pair for my husband. Great price and delivery

  6. (HOW TO ORDER PRESCRIPTION GLASSES ONLINE) I went and checked some of their glasses out, I really liked a lot of their nice frames.

  7. Interesting..I recently searched for online glasses but passed, because I feel I needed to try them on before buying. I just browsed the site and was quite happy. Now to upload a pic… this should be fun.

  8. I just recently ordered contact lenses on line, I think I will try ordering glasses. My daughter ordered some awhile back and she loved them. I absolutely love the gold on the sunglasses pictured above.

  9. I’ve never ordered prescription sunglasses before because I haven’t needed them. However in the last year, I’ve found that I may need stronger reading glasses. I’d like a combination of both!

  10. Like you I would love to have prescription sunglasses. I have a wonderful pair of sunglasses, but there is no way I would drive with them. I think it is time to order some! In your review you mentioned that you could “try it on’. Sounds like a winner to me. Thank you.

  11. The best feature is being able to try the glasses on online so you know exactly how they’ll look.

  12. I fell in love with this website. I love that you can see yourself in every pair of glasses!! I also am amazed at the variety of glasses they have. Love the different shapes & colors! Great review too!

  13. I like the fact that you are able to see what the frames would look like with the feature. There is a nice selection of frmaes

  14. So I’m NOT the only one who doesn’t have prescription sun glasses. Gotta tell my kids that one. I love the feature they have that you can try them on. They actually have a lot of perks I like and need new glasses. I’m with you I prefer glasses.

  15. My daughter has started buying glasses on line. She finds it more affordable then in a store and so convenient. She will check out GlassesUSA.com.

  16. This is such a more affordable way to purchase glasses. It was great to see you compare the online try on to real life. Thank You!

  17. thanks for the review, i see a lot of these order online glasses places and its so hard to see if they are nice or not without a review. i amloving the new collection!

  18. I love that you can try these on online before you order. They have so many styles too!!

  19. I didn’t really look into buying online, because I knew I would want to see what they look like on me, but since you can ‘try them on’ with your photos, I guess there’s no reason not to give it a try.

  20. What a great way to be able to try glasses! I have ordered glasses online before and been quite happy with them, but this is even better to be able to see what they will look like instead of guessing.

  21. I ordered glasses from another online company and have been happy with them although they were from a company outside of the US. I will definitely check out this company when it’s time for a new prescription.

  22. I’ve only been wearing glasses for a couple of months now. I never thought about buying them online. I really like the large assortment this company has. Sure is a lot more to choose from them our local, small town provider has!

  23. It’s awesome that you can try them on basically with your own photo to see what they look like on your face!

  24. I always have such a hard time choosing glasses, so i love that you can “try them on” online!

  25. This is a great option. I always hate trying on frames in real life because your vision is blurry without the lenses! I will definitely check this site out the next time i’m getting new glasses.

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