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Capresso Perk Review

Capresso PerkYou guys know that I’m a massive coffee lover. I drink a cup every morning and then a few more during the day depending on how long my day is. I don’t think there’s anything better than having a good cup of coffee from A Good 4 Cup Coffee Maker, first thing in the morning. And I don’t like just any nstant coffee, I like high-quality products that taste amazing. This is why Capresso is my go-to coffee and tea machine company. They always hit the mark with each product they release. My current favorite is their Capresso 12-Cup Perk. This is a coffee maker that percolates your coffee to release deep, rich flavors.

The Capresso Perk is a full-sized, 12-cup coffee maker and is just what every home needs. I dislike the loss of my counter space. I have limited room in my modest kitchen and need to really take advantage of minimalist-like tactics. The Capresso Perk is perfect for smaller kitchens. You can make you coffee in the Perk anywhere in your home and easily store it away in a cupboard or under a counter when not in use. When brewing it needs to stay still, kept on a flat surface, and remained plugged in. It also needs to remain plugged in when you want to keep the machine on and the coffee warm.

My favorite feature of this machine is the clear top, which allows you to see the coffee being peculated! Watching it splash and move around inside the lid is fun and lets you know that its almost time to get your caffeine on! The biggest tip I have for this machine is to wet the coffee grind basket before you put in your ground beans. This will help keep them from falling through the filter and getting into the water/coffee storage area. Another tip, when filling the filter basket with the coffee grinds, place you finger over the perk tube. This will help to stop grinds getting into your water/coffee.

Using Capresso Perk

I love how easy this machine is to use. How I don’t have to leave it on my counter all the time. I can bring it to a party or event and make coffee on-to-go with such ease. Now when people want coffee at a party hall we rent I don’t have to make a trip to a donut shop for a box of coffee or pack up a big table top coffee maker.


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