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Cuff Daddy Fathers Day Review

Cuff-Daddy is my favorite place to get unique and special cufflinks for my husband. My husband is a salesman and wears a suite every day. Many men who wear suits every day like to have little things to make them stand out. Conversation pieces. That is exactly what Cuff-Daddy cufflinks are. They add a little flair to their business attire without overpowering the outfit. A tie that is too loud or outspoken can be a turn off in any business setting. But putting on a small pair of cufflinks gives you that special something that is not crazy and in-your-face.

Cuff-Daddy cuffclinks are all very high quality. These are not the cheapy ones you many have come across while browsing the internet. Cuff-Daddy only provides links that are made to last, stylish and trending. From classic standards and wrap-around’s to zany novelties and interest themed links, they are sure to have a ton of links that would perfectly fit the man in your life’s style.

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Mama’s (and Papa’s) Experience

For Fathers Day this year, my PapatheFox received 2 new pairs of cuff links from and here is what we had to say

Sand Timer Cufflinks

Sand Timer

They cufflinks are silver and straight up gorgeous. They are simple and professional with that side of whimsy that is great for everyday wear. They are functional levels with a small amount of sand that glides from one side to the other as gravity allows. These links could help you pass the time while waiting for that conference call to start (or end). They are petite (3/4“ and 5/16“) which is perfect, because you don’t want your cufflinks to be bulky and banging around as you type and work throughout the day. Being a functional cufflink these make great gift for that man who already has everything.

hourglass cufflinks

Retro Telephone Cufflinks

Retro Phones

Among Cuff-Daddys many retro and comical cufflinks, you can find these amazing Retro Telephone Cufflinks. My husband sells telecom for a living and phones (and internet) are his life. He deals with phones and is on the phone all day every day. When we saw this pair of links we knew they would be a hit with not only his co-workers but his customers too. Everyone who has seen these links has nothing but amazing things to say about them. I love how they are a tiny 3D version of the classic phones we used when I was a child (am I showing my age here?). They are large enough to give room for the amazing detail in shape but small enough (1/2″ x 1/2″) to not be bulky or cumbersome. If you are 30 years old or older, then you have many fond memories of these ‘retro’ style telephones. They make the perfect gift for anyone from the 80’s, 70’s and beyond.

cuffdaddy cufflink

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