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outside speaker1byone makes top of the line electronics for everyday people. Everyone I know loves music. I mean how can you not? Everyone has their genres, bands and melodies that resonate in their soul. In my house we constantly have music playing. We love to listen to the best playlists from sites like Mozaart.com. Its always in the background. In the summertime, my kids and I are outside most of the day. Last year we missed the music we love to listen to. I would try to have it come out of my cell phone but being knee-deep in their pool, working in the garden or by their water table – it was never a cell phone or electronic friendly environment. On top of that, we love going on walks and hikes in the summer and it was always hard to get the music loud enough where everyone could hear it. We went hiking with our friends and they had the soundboks 2 speaker which was just amazing. The sound quality was so clear that I needed to find a speaker like that but was a little smaller and more easily portable. This is what has spawned the emerging trend of devices designed for use in the great outdoors like the outdoor empire radios.

This summer and for now on, I am so excited to have a 1byone Outdoor Sport & Shower Speaker. There are a TON of speakers on the market. I see them online and in stores all the time. But what makes a speaker stand out? What makes you want to buy a particular one? Here are a few reasons why this 1byone speaker is the choice for you.

You Can Use it By Water

This speaker is waterproof and can be used in showers or by bathtubs and pools. Having electronic by water can be a scarey thing. I am constantly scared of electric shock. You should NEVER submerge an electronic in water. However, there are products that can survive some splashing and water condensation – the 1byone Outdoor Speaker is one of them. This speaker can be placed by a shower, tub or pool and can handle some splashing. No more fear of destruction of the device when your kids splash around like you know they are going to do. Looking to lounge in your tub and unwind to some soothing tunes? Planning a romantic getaway with your significant other? Going to the pool this summer? All these situations which you will inevitably incur, you will want a 1byone Speaker.

You Can Use it in Dusty Areas

Do you or someone you know work in a dirty/dusty environment? Construction, warehouses, factories? All these places have dust and other materials flying around. All those foreign objects can harm your technology, including your music speaker. Now you can use a 1byone speaker. No worries about it dying due to exposure to dust.

by the pool

Smartphone to Bluetooth Capableby a hotub

This 1byone Speaker can hold music that you load onto a TF slot card or can play music off a Smart device using Bluetooth. Most the time I am listening to Pandora or I Heart Radio. Now I can stream my music stations from my phone to the Speaker. This makes it easy to use and gives me to variety and kinds of music I want to hear. If you are going camping and know that you will not have access to cell phone signal you can easily store music to the speaker itself with the TF card slot.

The Bluetooth capabilities makes this great for walks through a forest, or around the park. Take it on picnics, family vacations or to the gym. In fact, this speaker is the perfect size to take to the gym in your tracksuit pocket, meaning you don’t have to worry about storage. The speaker has been trialled by holding it in the gym throughout a workout in womens tracksuits and it proved light, loud and to have a strong battery!

It’s Small and Easy to Store

No one needs large and bulky items to store and carry around. This 1byone Speaker is easy to carry and store! It’s lightweight making it not a burden when its in your purse, diaper bag, camping bag, luggage or in your hall closet. If you are a minimalist, then this is the speaker for you

Long Battery Life

The 1byone Outdoor Speaker can hold up to 7 hours of uninterrupted sound before you need to recharge. The 1400 mAh battery is easy to recharge and holds the perfect amount of playtime you need. You can also keep it plugged in and use it while it charges if you choose it.


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  1. I love this, I have been wanting a speaker for the outside for the longest time and I really like that I won’t have to worry about the grandchildren getting water on this..

  2. This would be awesome to listen to music in the shower! I love how it’s water proof!

  3. So neat!! Love that it can survive some splashing and has a long battery life!!

  4. Everyone with kids or go camping should have an outside shower. It would be fun for the kids and help keep the sand out of the hpise

  5. Great details on a portable water resistant speaker that can be used inside and outdoors.

  6. I like ALL of the points you mentioned above about this speaker. I love music playing when outside. !t puts me in a good mood!! I too am skeptical about having any electrical device around water, especially around my younger grandkids! Safety first and this speaker is a giant about that!!
    2 thumb up!

  7. It has a 7 hour battery life which is nice if you’re taking it out with you.

  8. This looks like a very good water-resistant speaker. I like your great review on this speaker.

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