Y Grow Up Review

Y Grow Up Review

About Y Grow Up

YGrowUp.net is a premier children’s educational and developmental virtual toy store. Viki, the owner and director of YGrowUp.net started this adventure after running a success children’s center. She knows what toys are best for educating a child in a natural and comfortable way. Learning through play, in my opinion, is the most effect tool for children. When children are engaged, having fun and fully absorbed in their activity, their brain is ready to soak it all in. If you can add in valuable educational points it’s a win/win!

Adults must be accompanied by a responsible child –  Y Grow Up’s Slogan

As a parent you will be constantly asked “What does your child want for their birthday/holiday”. You want to say, “no more junk!” When you are stumped and need a great idea, in a ton of price point ranges, head over to YGrowUp.net. It is the perfect resource to shopping for a fun and unique gift to bring to a party you have been invited too as well. You can shop by a ton of categories, making online shopping way fast and more efficient.

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Mama’s Experience

There are so many places to shop now-a-days. It can be hard to find one you can trust and rely on. When I found out about Y Grow Up, I knew there was something special going on. They focused on products that are truley educational and fun. Ones that will bear fruit when a child plays with it. Toys that are more than just toys. As a mom I only have so much room in my house. I cannot handle too much clutter. I mean are these toys spawning and making clones?! HAHA! I joke of course. But seriously, when it comes down to it, after having 2 kids now I see how useless some toys can be. If I am going to spend my money, or have a friend or relative buy a gift for my kids I want it to be special.  I want it to be a useful toy that will be played with. One that will help educate them while they play. All of these things can be found with YGrowUp.net. This is a special website. They are not just out to make a buck and sell you toys. Y Grow Up honestly wants to provide us with the best possible toy options on the market. They are constantly on the search for the newest and best toys out there. They really do the dirty work for us. She even has her site organized so that I can shop in ways that are best for me. I like to shop by age and by skill.

I love how easy the site is to navigate. With tabs at the top of the screen and the left side bar, I can click around and find fun and unique toys I never knew existed. Their format makes each item easy to see, read and click on. It’s really dummy proof, which tired moms everywhere need. They tagged every toy with keywords that you are see when you click on them. You can easily find more toys by typing in any key word into the search bar or by clicking the key word as show below.

key words

You can live chat with a rep to help you with your shopping and all your questions. They are fast, helpful and polite. You may even get to chat with the owner! The chat box is easy to find and use. Look at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to find the small circle, it may be a picture of a persons face or an orange circle (if you have used the chat feature previously it will turn to an orange circle). This will allow you to instantly connect with YGrowUp.Net.

chat box

easy to use chatbox

I love the ability to quickly navigate around the site while browsing for ideas. Clicking the side tabs or top tabs are a fast way to explore.

shop by catergories

Hop over to YGrowUp.net to check out the website for yourself now!

Free Shipping going on now for a limited time!

barnyard activity set

I was able to try out one of the phenomenal toys sold at ygrowup.net – the Guidecraft Barnyard Activity Boxes

This is now my favorite toy my children play with. This barnyard is perfect for children ages 2+. My son, age 2 and my daughter, age 3, equally love playing with this Barnyard Activity Boxes set. This toys helps us work on things like, shapes, spacial awareness, cognitive, color matching, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination language skills, matching skills, problem solving, shapes, thinking skills. I love that its made with quality wood and beautiful bright colors.

Barnyard activity boxes

My 2 year old likes to match the animal to the correct house. He can recognize the same color and match them using color matching skills. We make the animal noises the animal would make. This helps with building confidence in knowing these real animals we see while driving around (we live in the country). My best friend has 6 chickens for goodness sake! He loves being able to peek into the iridescent window to see if there are animals inside the box just as much as he loves opening and closing the tiny door.

My 3 year old loves to work on her counting skills with the animals. We work on finding all the animals in a particular color, then count them out loud together. I have introduced basic addition by talking about if we put 2 chickens and 1 horse together how many animals will we have? (it’s 3 if I stumped you) She also loves to help her little brother with his animal noises and color matching.

playing with Branyard


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  1. How fun!! I love the wide range of learning toys!! The quality looks fantastic too!!

  2. The less toys my sons receive that aren’t electronic, the happier I am! Glad to see there are still companies out there that focus on educational, interactive toys.

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