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Sloggers is an all-American company. Founded back in 1948, they started their humble roots by debuting the first clear over shoes (think 50’s version of a rain-boot to wear over shoes/heels). These were in instant hit and best seller nationwide. Thankfully, their success didn’t stop there. Today they make a huge line of amazing shoes and boots with a special patented plastic that keeps our feet dry, clean and ready to play in the dirt! Their waterproof footwear stands out due to it’s quality, their fit and that they are all made in the USA.

Sloggers shoes have a specially formulated (only for them), high quality, odorless, medical grade material that is clear and flexible. This gives them a very comfortable feel. The insoles feature the All-Day-Comfort insole. There is an arch used to give you support and comfort all day. The bottom of the shoes has a durable, deep soles that allow you to work in the dirt all day just like a work boot would.

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Sloggers carries a broad selection of durable footwear. Here are a few links to the perfect pair for you.

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Mama’s Experience

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Being a mom constantly on the go, I need a shoe that will help me in my day to day activities. For me those are chasing after children through my yard, pulling weeds and working in the garden, visiting the horses in our backyard, playing hopscotch with my toddlers and just running errands about town. My Sloggers are a home run! I can do all my activities with comfortable and supported feet. Best of all, when they get all muddy from my running around and playing, they wash off! I hate ruining shoes after shoe, year after year. Now, I can depend on Sloggers to have my back.

Being in the garden is fun, but wearing huge barn boots is too awkward for me. I cant squat and move around on the dirt like I want to, but using regular tennis shoes is impractical. Sloggers are the perfect fit for gardening. They are light and easy to wear. Wipe clean and are super cute! I am the kind of person where even if I am the only one who see’s it, I still want it to look cute. Having cute shoes makes the work that much more fun when you glance down and see the fun designs and colors.

foot sloggersCheck out the huge selection and awesome prints that Sloggers has available this spring. They are constantly coming out with fun, new designs that will make your adventure even more colorful.

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  1. I need a pair of these for gardening and working outside. There are so many cute patterns available and I love that they wash up easily.

  2. These boots are so cute! I love the chicken ones. I can’t believe they have been around for so long, this is my first introduction! So excited to try them.

  3. Great review. Long standing that.
    More, love the styles, function and such cute designs. It’s hard to pick one

  4. This is a nice detailed review. Now I have good information for when I decide to buy these shoes.

  5. For anyone working in the garden, these are a must or something like these. I particularly like the clogs that can be kicked off at the door so as not to track the garden in the house. It’s nice to see so many styles and colors. Thanks for the review.

  6. These are so cute! I really love that they are made in the USA. I am getting into even more gardening and would love gardening shoes that I can literally wash-off. they would be pretty awesome for when I get a chicken coop going too.

  7. Wow Sloggers was founded the year I was born and until recently I have never heard of them, I like that they have so many different styles for different uses like gardening and even rain boots

  8. These would be really nice shoes to have when I’m doing yardwork, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my other regular shoes dirty. Thanks for posting this review!

  9. I would love to own a pair of these ‘shoes.’ They are so cute and I love how you can just wash them off!

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