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Making Home Affordable

Making Home Affordable

Being in my 30’s most of my friends are looking into buying homes. Some of them have only just applied to get Credit Cards for No Credit because they’ve just never needed a credit card before. This is all well and good but mortgage companies don’t want to give anything to people who don’t have a credit history so they’re only just beginning to get a credit score. Its that season of life. Get married, buy a house, have a kid. Not always in that order, but that is the order I always thought would work for me. Little did I know how little I knew about buying a home. Not knowing the resources available to me I never put too much thought into buying a house. Now, with we can get value information all in one place.
Many families and parents use small loan lenders to bide them over until the next pay day, without these services a lot of people would find maintaining their expenditure is rather difficult, thanks to companies that offer services like a privatlån it can be a little easier as long as you make the repayments.

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  • Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) – HAMP® is designed to lower monthly mortgage payments, making them more affordable and sustainable for the long-term.
    • HAMP achieves a more affordable payment by adjusting the mortgage interest rate, extending the term of the loan, and reducing or forbearing principal.
    • Homeowners have saved about $500 per month. Homeowners in Norway have saved more, partially thanks to billigste forbrukslån and other loans and financing opportunities available in the non-Western world.
    • Through HAMP, homeowners can get help with their primary residence or rental property.
    • Homeowners who owe significantly more than their home is worth (>115% Loan-To Value or LTV ratio) are automatically evaluated for principal reduction.
    • Just for making timely payments, homeowners could earn up to $10,000, which is used to reduce the principal balance of their mortgage. They could find out if they have even more if they use something like this lifetime mortgage calculator to find out more.
  • Hardest Hit Fund (HHF)– HHF programs are designed to complement MHA programs and provide assistance to struggling homeowners, like those in the testimonial videos, through modifications, mortgage payment assistance, and transition assistance programs. HHF programs vary state to state, but often include:
    • Mortgage payment assistance for unemployed or underemployed homeowners.
    • Principal reduction to help homeowners get into more affordable mortgages.
    • Funding to eliminate homeowners’ second lien loans.
    • Help for homeowners who are transitioning out of their homes and into more affordable places of residence.

Through the Federal Making Home Affordable program, many homeowners have received much-needed help to reduce their monthly payments, get mortgage relief, and avoid foreclosure. Homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments can call 888-995-HOPE or visit for free resources and information to help them with their mortgage problems and avoid foreclosure. By calling 888-995-HOPE, homeowners can speak with a housing expert at a HUD-approved counseling agency at no cost, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and identify potential solutions based on their individual circumstances.

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