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Who is BANJOrganics?

BANJOrganic’s is founded by Nicole, who is above all else, a mother. As a mother, Nicole wanted what was best for her children, just as myself and many others. She made sure to keep her son and home clean. She fed him and cared for him with all the love a mother can muster. Over time her son got more and more sick. After visits to more doctors than you can shake a stick at, Nicole decided to take matters into her own hands. Something was causing her child to be sick and she needed to find out. She slowly made the switch to an organic and chemical free lifestyle. The switch doesn’t happen overnight. It was a process. Slowly, as her family and her house became more and more natural, her son became better and better. Now, he is medication free!

Having a background in engineering Nicole took to her kitchen and began making her own products so that her son would stay healthy. Making her own shampoo, lip balm, hand soap, just about anything you would need.

“I want to help people provide a chemical free life for themselves and their family, as well as show people that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to live an organic lifestyle.” – Nicole with BANJOrganics

BANJOrganics is able to custom make products for customers. If your skin is irritated by, let’s say, vanilla. You can contact them and they will make a special batch just for you! This service is so above and beyond. I am so glad that a company like this exists. To read more about this please click here.

Sustainability ? Locally Blended ? Organic & Fresh ? Competitively Priced

What Do They Sell?

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Mama’s Experience


I first found out about BANJOrganics at Mommy Con in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to meet Nicole and talk to her about her product line. I was so interested in her ability to create household products. When chatting she mentioned that her husband would say something about needing more itch relief cream next time they went to the store, but instead she would think out how to make her own. That way it would be without all the nasty chemicals and other no-no’s. That is ingenuity at it’s finest.


itchAnti Itch Paste

This anti itch paste is just what you need this fall. With fun fall campfires and pumpkin patches comes mosquitoes and aggressive bee’s. This paste has a clay base and is very easily applied and smoothed over your skin and the effected area. It felt slightly sticky, doe to the clay, when applying. Then after a few minutes I forgot about it.






Magnesium Lotion

Most women are deficient in magnesium. Often, then taken in pill form, your body is not able to fully absorb all the nutrients from the pill and you urinate the remains. When you apply magnesium topically (like a lotion) your skin can slowly absorb all the goodness from the vitamin and get into your bloodstream more efficiently. Magnesium lotion is not a perfumed lotion that you would put on to smell nice instead of a perfume! It has a very potent small. This is because this lotion is REAL! It has true magnesium flakes as one of the primary ingredients. It is not something I was used to, so I just put it on when I knew I was going to be busy and not just sitting around smelling it.

If you are a women who suffers from morning sickness when pregnant, you may find relief by increasing your magnesium. This lotion is the perfect way!

shower pods

Shower Disks

These shower disks are to be placed on the floor of the shower. They are a one time usage and perfect for quick or long showers. I try to only use them when I know I am going to really relax and have someone home to watch the kids. I don’t often get alone time, and showering is actually a precious thing in my life now. These pods give me an indulgence in my fun 7 minute vacation from life. They easily and evenly dissolve and they have never harmed my tub because they are so natural!

I was once able to indulge in a an eucalyptus sauna in Las Vegas. Man, that was amazing. This was like a fun home style version of that! The eucalyptus helps open your pours and sinus cavities. I highly suggest this to, like everyone.

This is a brand new product!

bath teasBath Teas

The bath teas are just that, a small bag stuffed with items you would find in a bag of tea, plus a few other treats. The BANJOrganics bags have lavender, chamomile, oats and lavender essential oil. The directions are to tie the bag to your bath spout so that as your water fills, the bag is being soaked with fresh water. My spout is being occupied by a blue whale cover to protect myself and my children from unnecessary bath time injuries (they find enough other ways to collect band-aids, right?!), so kept it in the water float by holding it there. After my bath was filling up I noticed that the water was starting to turn the color of a lovely cup of tea! I was so giddy by this and felt like it was such a treat. Every so often I would pick up the bag and squeeze it to allow more “goodness” to spill out of the bag. This is the perfect gift for the hard to shop for friend or relative. Fun, useful and affordable.


fash wash

Face Wash

When I opened the container saw that the contents of the face wash was straight liquid I instantly thought, “well this isn’t going to work.” I have been breaking out due to stress and my crazy schedule. Zits have formed colonies on my face and are currently in a civil war. I was hesitant to try this wash, but that is my job! I use a Clarisonic scrubber so I poured a small amount (about a dime size) onto my brush. I was surprised I felt a little something. I added a little more half way through my washing because like I said, I wasn’t so sure. I felt clean. I didn’t feel slimy like there was residue from makeup/sweat/cleaner was still on my face. Hmm….Then I took a small amount and put it in my hand and applied to directly to my skin. I could feel the wash this time a lot more. It doesn’t lather, which a truly organic face wash should not (due to the lack of the bad stuff – which is good). It could feel the wash spread evenly across my face but not in an oily or heavy way. I have been washing with this face wash for over a week now and my civil war zit zone is coming to a halt! I am so excited that this stuff actually works! woot woot!



Like the above mentioned face wash, this moisturizer is also a liquid and I didn’t believe it. I have to apply lotion after I shave my legs. Its just how I am. I applied a small amount, like a nickle worth, to each leg. I was surprised that it spread as much as it did. I figured that because it is so water-like that I would have to reapply in a half an hour after it fully soaked in and I was itchy….30 minutes…60 minutes…then I lost track of time. I never got itchy! It’s cold as bones out in Ohio and getting pretty dry and I only had to apply a super small amount to my just shaved legs. This stuff rocks.




waterless hand soap

Waterless Hand Soap

With fall here and flu season approaching I am so not ready for that whirlwind. My 3 year old just started preschool and I am just waiting for the stampede of germs, colds and who-knows-what to come walking through my door along with her. I love being able to not clean my families hands on the go. I cant always lug both my kids into a tiny restroom to wash their hands what out and about. Plus, once they are clean and I am washing the other ones hands, they already touch the floor, wall and probably somehow scaled the wall to touch the ceiling too! This product comes in full size and travel (Roadies) size so you can grab a few and always have them accessible.



headaceh rollon


Headache Rollaway

This product is very different. As I mentioned above, the lack of magnesium in your body can cause a whole bunch of oddities. This rollaway is made up of magnesium and a blend of essential oils so that no matter if the headache is due to stress, barometric pressure, loud children or what have you, there is going to be something in the ingredients that will help you out. The reviews (updated for 2020) of CBD oil products also show them to have been effective in clearing the headaches or nausea of the people who tried them out and found them to have provided them with a positive experience.





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  1. I am loving the anti itch cream!! The mosquito is our state bird lol!! So many bites!! Would be great to have around!! I also love those shower discs!! I love my morning shower and itd be a great way to make it even better!!

  2. I love that all of these products are organic. I would also like to try out some of their baby products!

  3. I am commenting again for the giveaway!! I found out she has bug repellant too which would be a perfect pair for that anti itch past and wisconsin outdoor life 🙂

  4. so great that they can even custom make things- I would love to try these- finding effective & safe(non-chemical) products is hard

  5. These all sound like wonderful products, the headache roll on, is something I would really like to try because I ger frequent headaches.

  6. These products look great. I really like that they can custom make products for customers.

  7. These look like amazing products! I learned that the face wash is pure liquid and doesn’t lather – but it still works! Awesome!

  8. All of the products sound great! I love that the magnesium lotion is so thick. It seems it would have great absorption.

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