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Nunamoochie Review

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Nunamoochie Review

Who is Nunamoochie?


Nunamoochie makes beautiful baby wraps for everyday baby wearing. With so many baby carriers out on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and know sure who you can trust. I can tell you with confidence that you can trust Nunamoochie. This business is run by a husband and wife team who pour their love and sweat into their business to ensure you are using only the best for your baby wearing experience.

Colleen & Tanni are husband and wife as well as the founders and owners of Nunamoochies. Back in 2013 the company was officially launched due to their family connections in India. Tanni has family who live in India and with his connections, they could find honest materials at a cost that would be affordable to the consumers. Tanni’s brother, Gurjit and his wife Aman run the India side of the business. They make sure that all the dyes are natural and safe. Aman seams all the wraps herself and even sews all of the ring slings! A real family business.

While the company does not have a standard stock print, or an official brand print, I asked Colleen what her favorite prints are. Her all time favorite is Mehndi, “I just love the design and it’s so meaningful to our family. Tanni’s cousin, who did my henna (mehndi) for our wedding, is the one who drew up the design for us. It’s repeatable in every direction and it just blows my mind that she was able to make that design with a pencil and paper”. I agree, the print is not only super original but it is lovely too. Being that it has a deeper meaning, I can see why it would be her favorite. Her current favorite is Anya, since it’s named after her baby girl, “I realized when I was pregnant with her that all of our designs were either boyish or gender neutral, so I decided I needed some pink in my life.  Also, the colors are meant to mimic a tequila sunrise, which is a drink I haven’t had in a long time but used to love!”

What Do They Sell?

Woven Wraps

Ring Slings

Soft Structured Carriers


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Mama’s Experience

Sea Glass Wrap



I was blow away by the amazing customer service that Nunamoochie has. They are helpful, kind and quick if you have any questions or concerns with their products and brand. So many times your emails can get buried or pushed aside. Not with Nunamoochie. They sincerely love when people reach out to them. This makes them really stand out for me.



This wrap is floppy right out of the mailbox! I am so shocked at how easy this wrap is to work with. So many other wraps I have tried are stiff and take months to really ‘break in’. I can feel the texture slightly in this design, but it is very silky to the touch. On a scale of tough to work to creamy like milk, this wrap is creamy like milk.


The middle marker – used to find the center – is clearly marked on both the top and bottom rail. I love this feature. Being that this wrap is a palindrome in design, I can wear it either direction and still find the middle marker clearly. The markers are very small and are in no way annoying like some other middle markers.  My older child doesn’t like when a tag will rub against her when in a wrap and I do not need to worry about this with a Nunamoochie wrap.

The wrap I received was a size 6. It is true to a stand size 6 in length compared to other wraps. The ends are slightly tapered to make the tie offs easy and less bulky. The taper is not extremely dramatic, which makes this a great wrap for fluffier people. This way you have more full panel to wrap with and you still get the smooth and less bulky tie off. I am really happy with how this wrap is cut/designed.


The wraps are all finished by Colleen’s sister-in-law over in India, so you can rest assured that the edges are going to be spot on and up to their high standards. They tired to hire out other people to finish the wraps edging but they were not the quality of work they would want to put their name on. So instead they just do it themselves! That kind of dedication and personal touch really makes Nunamoochie stand out.

In my photos I am wearing my 3 year old daughter that is approx 32 lbs. I wore her for over an hour the first time using the wrap and it never dug into my shoulders or back. She was able to pull the top rail over her head, something she loves to do when upset, and I did not loose my snug fit. It has a great stretch for wear but only diagonally for safety.


This is a great beginner wrap. The prices range from $120 and goes up based on size (sizes 5, 6 & 7 have an up charge). Nunamoochie’s wraps vary in prince and can be as low as $109! This is such a great deal for such a quality wrap.

mermaid tie

More about Nunamoochie

I asked Colleen how often are new prints released: “There isn’t a set schedule.  We did 4 designs the first year: Elephant Ears and Mehndi were the first.  Then Year of the Horse and SciFi.  We had leftover black & white (natty) thready from SciFi, so we decided to try the handwoven and that’s where Retro came into play.  Retro came out last year, followed by our second handwoven, Anya.  The 3rd this year is Sea Glass, the colors of which were derived from a photo contest winner (you can find the image on our Facebook or Instagram page). “

Where can you buy Nunamoochie? “We do not charge for shipping within the US.  We have a Canadian distributor (Tadpoles & Butterflies) and another for Australia/New Zealand (AngelRock Baby).”

Because of the affordable price, the ready to wear smoothness and the colored top and bottom rails, this is a great wrap for a beginner baby wearer, an expecting mom or a seasoned baby wearer.

Win It!

Now that you have seen how great Nunamoochie wraps are, you have a chance to win one for yourself!


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